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There is a big New Year's Eve party and the chanteuse sings. Marguerite is getting ready, but she doesn't want to go. Otto enters and tells her to keep up her end of the bargain - pretending to love him. She agrees to come, but, saying that she doesn't feel well, takes some pills first. Armand, Lucien and Pierrot plan to shoot Otto at the party and Armand insists that he be the one to pull the trigger. Lucien claims that he is too involved, but Armand says he no longer cares about Marguerite, and he is given the gun. The band members disguise themselves with masks. Armand manages to grab a few seconds with Marguerite and confesses that, though he thought he hated her, now he sees her he realises that he still loves her. He tells her Paris is no longer safe for her, but as she questions this, the midnight countdown begins. Armand pulls out the pistol, and as the fireworks ring in the new year, he shoots Otto dead. He and the band flee. Marguerite visits Georges to ask him to help her find work as a singer, but he refuses to. He says they were never friends and that she was only good because of the company she kept and the things she could get him. He suggests that if she wanted work as a prostitute, he could get her some. She slaps him. Distraught, she leaves. Paris is liberated and the French turn on the Nazi sympathisers. They attack Marguerite in her home, strip her and beat her and cut her hair off in clumps in a more violent rerun of the prologue. Armand, Annette, Lucien and Pierrot rush in and break up the mob. Armand sends Pierrot for a doctor. He says to Marguerite that Annette, who has now been released, has explained that the letter was written to protect him and his sister, and he forgives her. They confess their love for each other as she lies across his knees - but it is too late, and she dies in his arms. Pierrot returns saying that he cannot find a doctor, and Armand says it is ok, she is just sleeping. He picks her up and carries her off. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Come One Come All – Ensemble 2. Let the World Turn – Marguerite, Georges, Ensemble 3. Jazz Time – Annette, Armand, Lucien, Pierrot, Ensemble 4. China Doll – Marguerite 5. The Face I See – Marguerite 6. Time Was When – Lucien, Annette, Pierrot, Armand 7. The World Begins Today – Ensemble 8. Waiting – Armand, Marguerite 9. Intoxication – Armand, Marguerite, Otto 10. Day by Day (Part One) – Ensemble 11. I Am Here – Marguerite, Armand 12. Take Good Care of Yourself – Annette, Lucien 13. Day by Day (Part Two) – Marguerite, Armand, OttoEnsemble 14. Dreams Shining Dreams – Marguerite, Armand 15. Take Good Care of Yourself (Reprise) – Annette 16. I Hate the Very Thought of Women – Otto 17. The Letter – Marguerite, Otto 18. What’s Left of Love - Armand 19. Day by Day (Part Three) – Ensemble 20. How Did I Get to Where I Am? – Marguerite 21. Day by Day (Part Four) – Ensemble 22. Come One Come All (Reprise) – Ensemble 23. Finale – Marguerite, Armand ORIGINAL LONDON PRINCIPAL CAST • Marguerite — Ruthie Henshall • Armand — Julian Ovenden • Otto — Alexander Hanson • Lucien — Simon Thomas • Annette — Annalene Beechey • Pierrot — Matt Cross • Georges — Andrew C Wadsworth • Chanteuse — Gay Soper • Hermann — Keiron Crook DISCOGRAPHY Marguerite: Original London Cast Recording