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Marvin teaches Whizzer to play chess, but bitterness and ill feelings boil over “The Chess Game” until the fight to end all fights breaks out between the two, and they break up. Meanwhile, Trina and Mendel move in together and start “Making a Home.” As he packs, Whizzer reflects on “The Games I Play” with his own heart, and he finally concludes that he does not love Marvin. Trina and Mendel send out wedding invitations, and Marvin loses all control. Confronting Trina, he incoherently accuses her of trying to ruin his life, finally breaking down in rage and slapping her (“Marvin Hits Trina”). Shocked by his actions, both reflect that “I Never Wanted to Love You,” a sentiment Whizzer repeats to Marvin and Marvin repeats to Jason and Whizzer. Marvin is finished with Whizzer and his relationship with Trina is in tatters, but he can at least salvage his relationship with Jason, who, to his (Jason’s) immense relief, has just discovered women. Marvin sits down Jason for a talk, “Father to Son,” and tells him that he loves him and no matter what kind of man Jason turns out to be, Marvin will always be there for him. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Four Jews in a Room Bitching - The Men 2. A Tight-Knit Family - Marvin 3. Love is Blind - Trina, Mendel & Everybody 4. The Thrill of First Love - Marvin & Whizzer 5. Marvin at the Psychiatrist (a 3-part mini opera) - Marvin, Mendel & Jason 6. My Father's a Homo - Jason 7. Everyone Tells Jason to See a Psychiatrist - Everybody except Mendel 8. This Had Better Come to a Stop - Everybody 9. Please Come to My House - Trina, Mendel & Jason 10. Jason's Therapy (Part I) - Jason, Mendel & Everybody 11. Jason's Therapy (Part II) - Jason, Mendel & Everybody 12. A Marriage Proposal - Mendel 13. A Tight-Knit Family (Reprise) - Marvin & Mendel 14. Trina's Song - Trina 15. March of the Falsettos - Men 16. The Chess Game - Marvin & Whizzer 17. Making a Home - Trina, Mendel & Whizzer 18. The Games I Play - Whizzer 19. Marvin Hits Trina - Everybody 20. I Never Wanted to Love You - Everybody 21. Father to Son - Marvin & Jason CAST • Marvin • Trina • Whizzer Brown • Mendel • Jason DISCOGRAPHY March of the Falsettos - Original Cast Album