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have found out that Yung-Shi has subjected herself to a similar penalty to the foreigner, and each claims to be the biggest blackguard in the Celestial Empire so as to win her. The bewildered Mandarin is giving his decisions when a noise is heard. British troops are advancing. Chinese soldiers enter and build a rampart of tea-chests. A battle ends in the rout of the Chinese, the rescue of Smith who explains his position, and the capture of the Mandarin who is brought on in the cage. Matters are now reversed, and Captain Bluff sentences him to two years as an advertisement in a London tea shop. The Mandarin collapses, but Bluff tells him that all shall be forgiven if he grants his daughter in marriage to Smith. He consents, and the rest of the opera is a joyful celebration of peace restored. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Chorus - Slow & Stately 2. Recit. & Chorus - Behold, Behold Your Mandarin 3. Recit (Mandarin) - & Chorus - Such As You See Me 4. Song (Mandarin) & Chorus - In Peking I Was Born 5. Recit. (Usher) - Excuse Me, M'lud 6. Nodding Chorus - Wang A Lang Chang 7. Solo (Mandarin) & Chorus - What Is the Verdict? 8. Recit. (Mandarin) & Chorus - You Have Received . 9. Valse Song (Yung-Shi) & Chorus - O Bliss & Happiness 10. Solo (Smith) & Chorus - Now This Is A Predicament 11. Song (Smith) - I Have Been In Unpleasant Positions Before 12. Duet (Yung-Shi & Smith) - Goodbye, My Own 13. Duet (Yung-Shi & So-Fah) - Your Future Husband 14. Solo (Smith) - Dear! Dear! Dear! 15. Trio (Yung-Shi, So-Fah, & Smith) - Yes, Peace Is Passing Lovely 16. Recit (Smith) - This Lowly But Becoming Attitude 17. Solo (Doh-Ray-Me) & Chorus - Now This Is Strange . 18. Valse Song & Chorus - Bright Is The Dawning 19. Solo (Mandarin) & Chorus - Why This Conduct? . 20. Solo (Yung-Shi) - The Sky Is Black Above . 21. Duet (Chang & Chung) - You, Sir, Are An Impertinent Monkey 22. Quartet (Yung-Shi, Sing-Song, Chang, Chung) - Lady, Hear Our Humble Vow 23. Bridal Chorus - Rum-A-Tum-Tum 24. Trio (Sing-Song, Chang & Chung) - M'lud, May It Please Your Lordship 25. Song (Sing-Song) - The Demented Cow 26. Double Chorus - Steady Boys 27. Song (Col Coldsteel) & Chorus - When The Sky Is All Serene 28. Solo (Yung-Shi) & Chorus of Ladies - My Poor Papa 29. Sing-Song - A China Love Song 30. Finale - All Is Fair CAST • The Mandarin • Yung-Shi (The Mandarin’s Daughter). • So-Fah - (Chinese young lady) • Do-Ray-Me (Chinese young lady) • Chang (Public Prosecutor) • Chung (Counsel for defence) • Usher • Foreman Of Jury • Sing-Song (Chinese Reporter) • Lieutenant John Smith • Colonel ColdsteeL • Captain Bluff (of the Royal Navy) Choruses of Chinese Ladies, Soldiers, Jurymen, Attendants, Lantern and Standard Bearers, etc., also of British Soldiers and Sailors.