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apologizing for being so slow on the uptake, and he is also convinced that she's his daughter and promises to walk her down the aisle tomorrow. Sophie leaves the party, hopelessly confused; she doesn't want to turn any of them down. The 2nd act opens with Sophie having a nightmare that night, involving her three possible fathers all fighting for the right to walk her down the aisle and wakes up despairing. Donna finds Sophie in her room. She is upset. Donna assumes that Sophie wants to cancel the wedding and offers to handle all the details. Sophie is offended and vows that her children will not grow up not knowing who their father is. As Sophie storms out of the room, Sam enters and tries to tell Donna that Sophie may not be all she seems, but Donna will not listen - she hates Sam - at the end of their affair, she said she never wanted to see him again. But it seems that Sam was the man Donna cared about the most, and both of them wish they could go back to the start. At the beach, Harry asks Tanya what the father of the bride ought to be doing for Sophie's wedding. Tanya explains that for her part, her father gave her his advice and then paid. Pepper, one of the men who works at Donna's taverna, makes advances to Tanya, but she rebuffs him. Sky finds out what Sophie has done in inviting Sam, Harry and Bill to the wedding. He accuses her of wanting a big white wedding only so that she can find out who her father is. He is very hurt that she kept this plan a secret from him. He storms off just as Sam walks in. Sam tries to give Sophie some fatherly advice by describing his failed marriage, but Sophie is not consoled. Harry finds Donna in Sophie's room and offers to pay for the wedding. They reminisce about their fling. Sophie arrives and instead of Ali, Lisa and all the other girls, Donna helps her get dressed. She cannot believe her daughter is going to be a bride. Donna admits that her own mother disowned her when she learned that she was pregnant. They reconcile and Sophie asks her mother if she will walk her down the aisle. Sam arrives as Sophie leaves the room. He tries to speak to Donna again, but she does not want to see him, and asks him to leave. He refuses, and a bitter confrontation ensues. Donna tells Sam how he broke her heart, presumably when she found out he was engaged. It emerges that the two still love each other dearly, albeit against Donna's better judgement. Rosie is making final preparations in the taverna when Bill arrives. He's upset because he has received a note that Donna will be walking Sophie down the aisle. Bill reaffirms his commitment to the single life, but Rosie has become attracted to him, and urges him to reconsider. They are about to have sex in the taverna, but the guests arrive, leaving Rosie quite stunned. The wedding begins, with Donna walking Sophie down the aisle. Before the priest has a chance to begin the ceremonies, Donna acknowledges to everyone that Sophie's father is present. Sophie tells her mother that she knows about her father. Donna realizes that Sophie invited them to the wedding for that very reason. The issue of Sophie's parentage is left unsettled, as none of them have any idea whether they are actually her father; everyone involved agrees that it does not matter which is her biological parent, as Sophie loves all three and they are all happy to be "one-third of a father" and a part of her life at last. Finally, Harry, who has made frequent references to his "other half " throughout the show, is revealed to be in a committed homosexual relationship with a man named Laurence (Nigel or George in some productions and Peter in the Russian version). Suddenly, Sophie calls a halt to the proceedings. She is not ready to get married and Sky agrees with Sophie about not getting married. Sam seizes his chance and proposes to Donna in order to prevent the wedding preparations from going to waste. He explains that he loved her, even when he left to get married. It is revealed that he called off the wedding with his fiance and came back to the island, only to be told that Donna was going out with another man (Bill). He went back, married his fiance and had kids. However,sooner or later, he got divorced. Surprisingly, Donna accepts. In the end, Sam and Donna are married, and at the end of the night, Sophie and Sky depart on a round-the-world tour.