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MAMMA MIA A musical in 2 Acts by Catherine Johnson. Music and Lyrics by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus. Prince Edward Theatre, London - 6th April, 1999. Transferred to Prince of Wales Theatre, London 9th June, 2004: transferred to Novello 6th September, 2012- still running as at 18 December, 2012 SYNOPSIS The story takes place on a Greek island. Sophie, a 20-year old American (or British, depending on the production) girl, is preparing to marry her boyfriend, Sky. But she wants her father to walk her down the aisle - the trouble is, she has no idea who he is, for it has just been her and her mother, Donna, all her life. Sophie discovers her mother's old diary and finds entries which describe intimate dates with three men- Sam, Bill and Harry - in as many nights. Sophie believes that one of these men is her father and, three months prior to the wedding, sends each an invitation to her wedding without letting her mother know- she forges her mother's writing. The day before the wedding, Donna begins receiving guests at her taverna. The first to arrive are her old friends, Tanya, a rich woman who has been married and divorced three times, and Rosie, an unmarried woman who likes to have fun. The three of them used to be a singing group- Donna and The Dynamoes. The three women catch up and talk about how life has treated them. Later that day, Sophie's three possible fathers arrive: Sam Carmichael (an American architect), Harry Bright (a British banker), and Bill Austin (an Australian writer). Sophie convinces them not to tell Donna that she invited them. Donna walks into the taverna just as Sophie walks out. She is VERY surprised and horrified when she sees her three previous boyfriends all in the same place at the same time. She runs to her room in floods of tears. Tanya and Rosie are in their room, unpacking their luggage when Donna comes into the room in hysterics. She explains what's wrong, and they cheer her up. Tanya and Rosie try to convince Donna that she can still be the girl that she once was. Sophie had hoped that she would know her father the moment she saw him, but she is more confused now than ever. She tries to tell her fiancé Sky how she feels without actually confessing what she has done. Sky cheers her up by telling her that he will be all the man she ever needs. They then have to part for their stag and hen nights. At Sophie's hen night, Donna and The Dynamoes don their old costumes and perform a song. Sam, Bill and Harry accidentally walk in on the party, but the guests persuade them to stay. Sophie first pulls Sam out of the room to talk to him. After he asks why he is here, she is overcome with guilt, and goes to talk to Harry instead. But Harry asks if Sophie's father is at the party, and she tells him the whole truth. Lastly, she draws Bill aside to talk with him. She learns that Bill has an aunt Sophia who left all her money to Donna's family. Bill learns that Donna built the taverna with money she inherited from a friend she lived with when Sophie was a baby- that friend was Bill. They both realize that he is probably her father. Sophie finds Bill outside on the boat dock. He says he needed to get some air. Sophie asks him to walk her down the aisle. Bill wants to discuss it first with Donna. This has been her secret after all. But no-one knows yet that even Donna does not know who the father is, because she slept with the three men in such swift succession. Sophie insists that they must not tell Donna anything, and finally, Bill agrees. Afterwards, everybody crashes the hen party (including the boys from the stag party). During the dance, Sam pulls Sophie aside and tells her that he has figured out why she invited him. He knows that he is her father, and promises to walk her down the aisle the next day. Sophie is speechless. Then, Harry approaches Sophie