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MAKE A WISH A Musical Comedy in 2 Acts, 19 Scenes. Book by Preston Sturges, (Abe Burrows). Based on the play "A jo tündér" (The Good Fairy) by Ferenc Molnar. Music and lyrics by Hugh Martin. Dances and musical ensembles by Gower Champion. Settings and costumes by Raoul Pene du Bois. Musical direction by Milton Rosenstock. Vocal arrangements by Hugh Martin. Orchestrations by Phil Lang and Allan Small. Vocal direction by Buster Davis. Dance music arranged by Richard Pribor. Winter Garden Theatre, New York - Opened I8 April 1951; closed 14 July 1951 (102 perfs) SYNOPSIS The show depicts the adventures of Janette, a French orphan on a tour of Paris, who breaks away from her group to visit a Paris not included in guided tours. Courted by a middle-aged millionaire, Marius, she ultimately settles for a penniless young artist, Paul. A secondary love interest, Poupette and Ricky, bring some challenging choreography to life. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. The Tour Must Go On - Solo singer, Girls, Boys 2. I Wanna Be Good 'n Bad - Janette, Girls 3. The Time Step - Janette, Poupette, Ricky 4. (You're Just) What I Was Warned About - Janette 5. Who Gives a Sou? - Janette, Paul Dumont, Poupette, Ricky 6. Folies Labiche Overture (Hello, Hello, Hello) - Folies Chorus 7. Tonight You Are in Paree - Janette, Girls, Boys 8. When Does This Feeling Go Away? - Paul Dumont 9. Suits Me Fine - Poupette, Ricky 10. Students Ball - Girls, Boys 11. Paris, France - Entire Company 12. That Face! - Poupette, Ricky, Girls, Boys 13. Make a Wish - Janette 14. I'll Never Make a Frenchman Out of You - Poupette, Ricky 15. Over and Over - Janette, Boys 16. The Sale (Ballet) - Dancers, Girls, Boys 17. Over and Over (reprise) - Poupette, Ricky 18. Who Gives a Sou? (reprise) - Janette, Paul Dumont 19. Take Me Back to Texas With You - Janette, Poupette, Ricky 20. Suits Me Fine (reprise) - Girls, Boys 21. Finale — Make a Wish - Janette, Entire Company