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MY MIMOSA MAID A Riviera Musical Incident in 2 Acts. Chatter by Paul A Rubens and Austen Hurgon. Jungles and Tunes by Paul A Rubens. Prince of Wales Theatre, London - 21 April, 1908 (83 perfs) STORY Victor Guilbert, a chimney sweep, falls in love with the lovely Paulette, 'head girl on a Mimosa Plantation'. She falls in love with him but both are silent. Then Victor wins the gros lot in the big Riviera lottery. He gives up his job and decks himself out in fashionable finery to attempt to woo his Paulette under an assumed name and character. But he is unsuccessful, for she is still pining for the vanished sweep. Emile Gerard , a café proprietor is Victor's rival for Paulette's affections. Meanwhile Max Guilbert, Victor's brother, "inherits" the sweeping business when Victor becomes 'Count Victor' becoming embroiled, to comic advantage with Popitte, a flower girl and Mme de Pilaine, the dowager proprietress of the Mimosa plantation. Finally, however, Victor returns to his old ways and his real persona and he and Paulette are happily, and richly, united. CAST and original players Victor Guilbert - G. P. Huntley Max Guilbert - George Barrett Bock - Charles McNaughton Boy - Archie McCaig M. Emile Gerrard - Maurice Farkoa Groue - Windham Guise Captain Louis du Laurier - F. Pope Stamper Lt Jean Courmandet - Harold A. Deacon Lt Baptiste d'Eranger - Charles Hillman Lt Raoul St André - H. F. R. Lightfoot Boss - Cecil Burt Cigarette Seller - Cecil Curtis Popitte - Gracie Leigh Mme de Pilaine - Eva Kelly Granny - Joan Penrose Marie - Clarisse Batchelor/Peggy Bethel Antoinette - Genie Murray Paulette - Isabel Jay MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Opening Chorus - "Merrily, merrily on we toil! Never a moment still..." 2. Hammering Chorus - "Pack, pack-a-pack, that's our song; pack- pack-a-pack, all day long!..." 3. Duet - Paulette and Gerard - "Ev'rything contrary seems, as in dreams..." 4. Games - Dance 5. Chorus of Girls - "Oh, Mister Sweep! Mister Sweep, how do you do, sir?..." 6. Song - Paulette - "As the day dies away, then comes the moment for pleasure and play..."