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MY LADY MOLLY A comedy opera in 2 acts by G. H. Jessop. Additional lyrics by Percy Greenbank and Charles H. Taylor. Music by Sidney Jones. Produced at the Theatre Royal, Brighton under the management of Sidney Jones 11 August, 1902 and toured. Dates included Leeds, Belfast, Blackpool, Hull, Newcastle, Nottingham, Bristol, etc. Produced at Terry's Theatre, London under the management of Frederick Mouillot 14 March, 1903 for a run of 342 performances closing 16 January, 1904. Produced at Daly's Theatre, New York, under the management of Charles Frohman 5 January, 1904 for a run of 15 performances closing 16 January, 1904. Synopsis Sir Miles Coverdale has arranged for his daughter, Alice, to wed Captain Harry Romney in spite of the fact that Alice has a favoured lover of her own choice. But when Harry is on his way to meet his future wife he quarrels with his manservant, Mickey, and Mickey stalks off taking with him his ex-master's bag containing clothes and papers. In the inn at Coverdale he meets Lady Molly Martingale who, in past years, has turned down marriage offers from Romney a dozen times. Now, hearing the news of his impending marriage, she realises that she would like him to ask a thirteenth time. Mickey and Molly form a conspiracy, and Molly dresses up in Romney's clothes and presents herself to the Coverdales in his place. When the real Harry turns up he is treated as an impostor and a highwayman. Alice realises that her 'fiancé' is a woman in disguise and when Molly reveals the motives for her subterfuge Alice is glad to join the plot. After many a complication, including a duel between the real and the false Harrys, the logical happy ending is reached. MUSICAL NUMBERS OVERTURE ACT I. 1. OPENING CHORUS - Brushes and Brooms. 1a: SOLO. (Landlord) - There is the Key. 2. SONG. (Landlord) - A Man May Know No Voice of Friend. 3. SONG. (Lionel) - There's a LIttle Maid. 4. DUET. (Alice & Lionel) - The Land of Make-Believe. - "When we were children, I and you " 4a: RECIT (Landlord) - "Your worships, breakfast waits" 5. QUARTETTE (Mirabeau, Alice, Lionel, Landlord) - But, Oh, Beware. - "But, oh, beware the fierce Sir Miles" 6. SONG. (Mickey) - Ballinasloe. - "Ye sarve a man for sivin years …" 7. DUET. (Molly & Hester) - Oh, I'll Greet Him Soft and Low 8. TRIO (Mick, Molly, Hester) = Wear 'em Wid an Air 9. CHORUS & SONG. (Squire) - Hurrah for the Field. 10. SONG. (Alice) - The Merry Medieval Maid. - " Now a gallant knight lov'd a maiden fair " 11. CHORUS - Topers Fling Your Glasses Aside. 12. DUET. (Harry & Lionel) - Though You May Choose.