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MY LADY FRAYLE Musical in 2 acts: Book and Lyrics by Arthur Wimperis and Max Pemberton; Music by Howard Talbot and Herman Finck Shaftesbury Theatre, London, - 1st March - 21st June, 1916 SYNOPSIS My Lady Frayle, is a kind of inverted Faust in musical-comedy form for the Countess of Frayle sells her soul to Mr. Lucifer D. Nation, that she may be young again and win the love of her ward. STORY The ageing Countess of Frayle has fallen madly in love with Dick Bassett, her ward, and the mysterious Lucifer D. Nation offers to restore her youth and maidenhood, and re-create her as Vivien Ingoldsby. Finally, however, Vivien’s love for Dick attains the nobility of self-sacrifice, and the devil is defeated of his purpose. By the end of the show Vivien is restored as the Countess and Dick is back in the arms of his sweetheart, Virginia Desborough. Sub-plots involve the Dean of Dorchester trapped into an engagement with Vera de Vere, an actress young enough to be his daughter, and William Wilcox, the blackmailing butler, who eventually ends up with Vera. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I - Scene 1 - A Room at King's Frayle. 1. Opening Chorus - "We are going into action with a glowing satisfaction, due to knowing our attraction for the wiliest of foes..." No. 1a - Valse Melos 2. Song - Mrs Grundy and Daughters - "Nowadays one cannot be too particular in speech, so, my dears, attend to me; try to learn what I can teach..." 3. Song - Wilcox - "Wilcox is my name, butler is my calling, which I find the same absolutely galling! Up and down the stairs all day long I'm driven..." 4. Duet - Vera and Wilcox - "Love's a most deceitful thing, disappointment in disguise. Young men's fancies in the spring you'll avoid if you are wise..." 5. Song - The Canon - "Claret is good of its kind, Burgundy warms you within. Elderly ladies I''ve known who could find comfort in teacups of gin..." 6. Duet - Duke and Virginia - "At Honeymoon Hotel! There's nothing stiff or stupid. It's built for two, say me and you, for three including Cupid! ..." 7. Song and Finale - "When woman's youth is lost, then farewell to love! On one side she's lightly tost like a worn out glove. Beauty flies on fickle wing..." ACT I - Scene 2 - Ballroom at King's Frayle. 8. Opening Chorus - "Perfect band and splendid floor, the Valse of Fascination; how could one ask for more than such a combination? ..." 9. Song - Vera - "Men are always after me. Why? I never know! Quite a crowd you'll always see, ev'rywhere I go! Nuts and Colonels - subs and cubs..." 10. Chorus - "They're coming, they're coming, the ballroom is humming with throes of excited suspense; they say she's the prettiest girl in the city..." 11. Song - Honoria and Sisters - "Hereditary qualities in children always show, but where a trace of Mother is