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MY DARLING A Musical Play in 2 Acts. by Seymour Hicks and Herbert E. Haines. Lyrics by Chas. H. Taylor. Additional Numbers by Evelyn Baker. Additional Lyrics by P. G. Wodehouse. The Hicks Theatre *, London - Opened March 2nd, 1907 SYNOPSIS Sir Henry Heldon is the owner of a newspaper, called the " Daily Butterfly," and Sir Henry is a gay old gentleman with a love of adventure. His wife also has a romantic turn of mind, and as each steals from home to take part in certain festive functions in Paris. This then is the beginning of an amusing imbroglio. Then there is the tenor singer who dines too well, and in consequence is unable to appear at the opera, his place being taken by a well-meaning friend, whose debut leads to results not altogether pleasing or satisfactory to the management. A love story must find its way into the plot as a matter of course, and so pretty Joy Blossom, fresh from her convent life, is affianced to the Hon. Jack Hylton, who would be perfectly happy but for the fact that a certain notorious lady, a popular favourite at the Folies Bergères, is in possession of a number of compromising letters, which she does not intend to surrender except at a heavy price. It is these letters which bring about a little pathetic episode. Joy, fresh and innocent, pleads to the demi-mondaine and offers untold gold, and the blasé woman of the world gives the letters to her for the sake of a pure kiss from the girl who knows nothing of the life led by the smart section of Parisian society. CAST • Joy Blossom • Sir Henry Heldon (Proprietor of the " Daily Butterfly") • Hon. Jack Hylton • Maurice Le Blanc (an Opera Singer) • Oddy (Proprietor of the Hotel d'Ontelle and Café Imperia • Squib (a Page Boy) . . • Hon. Mutty Farrell (Army Friend of Hylton's) • The MacSporan of Sporan • Hon. Chas. Dimsdale • Lieut. Taff Davies French Officers • Alphonse • Auguste • Adolphe • Achille • Slow (a Waiter) • Sir Charles Aldershot .. (an Amateur Actor) • Sir Arthur Jagg • Daphne Bell (Joy Blossom's Companion) • Sylvaine (of the Folies Bergères) • ady Heldon (Joy's Aunt and Sir Henry's Wife) • Mrs. Pomeroy P. Green (an American Widow) • Lisette (a Waitress at the Café Imperial) • Mlle. Andaro (a Friend of Sylvaine) • Hon. Miss Gram O'Phone .. (an Amateur Actress) • Gabriel Reeve (a French Singer) The Twelve Butterflies • Miss Edinburgh • Miss Newcastle • Miss Dublin • Miss Liverpool • Miss I,lanfaerfechan • Miss Birmingham • Miss Brighton • Miss Bristol • Miss Sheffield • Miss Leiceste • Miss Manchester • Miss London