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MUSIC IS A Musical in 2 Acts, 14 Scenes and a Prologue. Book by George Abbott. Based on William Shakespeare's comedy Twelfth Night. Music by Richard Adler. Lyrics by Will Holt. St. James Theatre, Broadway. Opened 20th December, 1976; closed 26th December, 1976 (8 perfs). SYNOPSIS - Twelfth Night. Orsino, Duke of Illyria, is in love with Olivia, who is mourning for her brother. Shipwrecked on the shore of illyria. Viola believes that her identical twin brother has been drowned. She disguises herself as a boy, Cesario, and finds employment with Orsino. Olivia's steward Malvolio, a puritanical guardian of decorum in his mistress's household, finds himself obliged to reprimand her drunken cousin Sir Toby Belch and his friend, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, who fancies himself as Olivia's suitor. The two knight's plan to take revenge on Malvolio: they leave a letter for him to find, which purports to reveal that Olivia loves him and wishes to see him in crossgartered yellow stockings. Meanwhile, Viola, as Cesario, is sent by Orsino to woo Olivia on his behalf. She performs this task so well that Olivia falls in love with Cesario, while Viola has, by now, fallen in love with Orsino. Malvolio approaches Olivia in his absurd attire and, since it is assumed that he must be mad is locked away. Viola's brother, Sebastian, who has survived the shipwreck, is set upon by the jealous Aguecheek„ who takes him for his sister. Olivia intervenes and takes the only too willing Sebastian to the altar. When Orsino discovers that his Cesario is a woman he offers his hand in marriage. Malvolio, now freed, threatens vengeance on them all. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Prologue - Music Is - William Shakespeare, Company 2. When First I Saw My Lady's Face - Orsino 3. Lady's Choice - Viola, Captain 4. The Time Is Ripe for Loving - Company 5. Should I Speak of Loving You - Viola 6. Dance for Six Cupids and members of the court 7. Hate to Say Goodbye to You - Antonio, Sebastian 8. Big Bottom Betty - William Shakespeare 9. Twenty One Chateaux - Viola, Olivia, Company 10. Sudden Lilac - Olivia 11. Sing Hi - Sir Toby Belch, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, William Shakespeare, Maria 12. Dance: Blindmas's Buff - Viola, Orsino, Company 13. The Tennis Song - Orsino, Valentine, Company 14. I Am It - Malvolio 15. No Matter Where - Olivia, Viola 16. The Duel - Sir Toby Belch, Viola, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, William Shakespeare 17. Please Be Human - Olivia, Sebastian 18. What You Will - William Shakespeare, Entire Company