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MACK AND MABEL A musical love story in 1 act, 14 Scenes. (an intermission was added between scenes 8 and 9. Music & Lyrics by Jerry Herman: Book by Michael Stewart Majestic Theatre, Broadway - 6 October, 1974 (66 perfs) Piccadilly Theatre 7 November 1995 - 29 June 1996 (270 perfs) Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - 21 February, 1988 SYNOPSIS The great Hollywood comic director, Mack Sennett, reminisces about his career from the sound stage of the studios he once dominated . It is 1938, and the days of the silent film are over, effectively ending Sennett's career. In a series of flashbacks, Sennett relates the glory days of the Keystone Studios from 1911, when he discovered Mabel Normand, star of dozens of his early "two-reelers", through his invention of the Bathing Beauties and Keystone Cops to Mabel's death from a heroin overdose in 1930. Pride and a naturally hard, aggressive personality prevent Sennett from ever declaring openly the love he feels for Mabel. Although she is his mistress until 1920, Mabel leaves him for the "serious" director W.D. Taylor, who not only values her acting, but also treats her with kindness and consideration as well. However, when Taylor is murdered in Mabel's presence, the ensuing scandal wrecks her career. In an attempt to help her make a clean start, Sennett agrees to make her the star of a romantic drama, Molly, which he goes on to direct. The odium still attached to Mabel's name means, however, that no one will distribute the film. Not content with this unhappy ending, Sennett plots a final scene in which he and Mabel marry, happily surrounded by a classic custard pie fight performed by the Keystone Cops. ORIGINAL CAST (in order of appearance): • Eddie, the watchman: Stanley Simmonds • Mack Sennett: ROBERT PRESTON • Lottie Ames: LISA KIRK • Ella: Nancy Evers • Freddie: Roger Bigelow • Charlie Muldoon: Christopher Murney • Wally: Robert Fitch • Frank Wyman: Jerry Dodge • Mabel Normand: BERNADETTE PETERS • Mr. Kleiman: Tom Batten • Mr. Fox: Bert Michaels • Iris, the wardrobe mistress: Marie Santell. • William Desmond Taylor: JAMES MITCHELL • Phyllis Foster: Cheryl Armstrong. • Serge: Frank Root. The Grips: John Almberg, Roger Bigelow, George Blackwell, Frank Bouley, Gerand Brentte, Lonnie Burr, Chet D'Elia, Igors Gavon, Jonathan Miele, Don Percassi, Frank Root. Mack Sennett Bathing Beauties: Cheryl Armstrong, Claudia Asbury, Sandahl Bergman, Chrystal Chambers, Nancy Dafgek, Prudence Darby, Elaine Handel, Paula Lynn, Patricia Michaels, Carol Perea, L. J. Rose, Rita Rudner, Marianne Selbert, Jo Speros, Pat Trott, Geordie Withee.