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MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Mr Christmas Overture - Orchestra 2. Christmas In New York - Company 3. Second Chance - Patricia and Company 4. Angels In My Pocket - Nick and Others 5. What's A Christmas Without Santa Claus - Elves 6. Fruitcake - Nick, Kyle and Patricia 7. Fruitcake (Reprise) - Patricia 8. Dolly Christmas - Dolly 9. Christmas In New York (Reprise) - Company 10. Red Velvet - Grace, Patricia and Dolly 11. Mr Christmas - Kyle, Patricia and Nick 12. Mr Christmas Entr'acte - Orchestra 13. Merry Christmas - Company 14. Christmas Lights - Kyle 15. Dolly Christmas (Reprise) - Dolly 16. Bad To The Bone - Scooter and Jack 17. Pivot - Company 18. That's What Christmas Is About - Dolly and Grayson 19. Second Chance (Reprise) - Patricia 20. Mistletoe - Kyle and Patricia 21. Christmas In New York (Reprise) - Company 22. I Can See It Now - Company 23. Mr Christmas Curtain Call - Orchestra CAST - Principals: 6 Men, 5 Women • Kyle: 30s: An uptight business man with a gentle, caring side he has hidden under designer coats and an artificial veneer. • Patricia: Late 20s: A fiercely independent woman, Patricia is strong willed, but loving and generous, and not at all afraid of a battle, especially when protecting those she cares about. • Nick: 60s: Found homeless, and dressed in a Santa suit, Nick can’t remember who he is, or anything about his past, but for the present he happily offers other residents a very giving heart - almost like Santa himself. • Young Dolly (pre-teen)/Adult Dolly (30-40’s): An enterprising, ruthless supervisor in Santa’s workshop, where all the elves are children, until they leave The North Pole on their own. Once Young Dolly leaves Santa’s workshop, she turns into a confident, bold and vivacious grown woman. • Young Scooter (pre-teen)/Adult Scooter (20’s): A dim-witted, but lovable and loyal elf who leaves the safety and comfort of elf life in the North Pole, and learns to think for himself for the very first time. • Young Jack (pre-teen)/Adult Jack (20’s): An incredibly nervous, by-the-book elf who always follows the rules, until pushed out of his comfort zone and forced to face his many fears. • Grace: 50s: Efficient, hardworking and affable manager of the largest Santa display in New York City. • Lipton: 60s: Cantankerous, but lovable resident at The Second Chance Shelter. • Lucy: 40s: Resident of The Second Chance Shelter. A loving mother, and grateful recipient to Patricia’s charity. • Sarah (pre-teen): Lucy’s precocious little girl who tells it like it is. • Grayson: 30s: Sharp dressed, smooth talking business man who oozes slimy charm when working another business deal.