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CAST: • Arrostino Annegato, Captain of the Tamorras – a Secret Society (baritone) • Giorgio Raviolo, a Member of his Band (baritone) • Luigi Spaghetti, a Member of his Band (baritone) • Alfredo, a Young Peasant, loved by Ultrice, but in love with Teresa (tenor) • Pietro, Proprietor of a Troupe of Mountebanks (comic baritone) • Bartolo, his Clown (baritone) • Elvino di Pasta, an Innkeeper (bass-baritone) • Risotto, one of the Tamorras – just married to Minestra (tenor) • Beppo - A member of the Mountebanks' crew (speaking) • Teresa, a Village Beauty, loved by Alfredo, and in love with herself (soprano) • Ultrice, Elvino's niece, in love with, and detested by, Alfredo (contralto) • Nita, a Dancing Girl (mezzo-soprano or soprano) • Minestra, Risotto's Bride (mezzo-soprano) • Tamorras, Monks, Village Girls. MUSICAL NUMBERS Overture: Cellier's Suite Symphonique Act I 1. Chaunt of the Monks and We are members of a secret society (Men's Chorus and Giorgio) 2. Come, all the Maidens (Chorus) 3. If you please (Minestra and Risotto) 4. Only think, a Duke and Duchess! (Chorus and Minestra) 5. High Jerry Ho! (Arrostino and Male Chorus) 6. Teresa, Little Word and Bedecked in Fashion Trim (Alfredo) 7. It's my Opinion (Teresa) 8. Upon my word, Miss (Ultrice, Teresa, Alfredo, and Elvino) 9. Fair maid, take pity (Alfredo, Teresa, Ultrice, and Elvino) 10. Tabor and Drum (Female Chorus, Pietro, Bartolo, and Nita) 11. Those days of old and Allow that the plan I devise(Nita, with Bartolo and Pietro) 12. Oh luck unequalled ... I'm only joking .... Oh, whither, whither, whither, do you speed you? (Ultrice, Teresa, and Alfredo) 13. Finale Act I (Ensemble) Act II Entr'acte (By Ivan Caryll) 14. I'd be a young girl if I could (Minestra and Risotto) 15. All alone to my eerie (Teresa) 16. If I can catch this jolly Jack-Patch (Teresa and Minestra) 17. If our action's stiff and crude (Bartolo and Nita) 18. Where gentlemen are eaten up with jealousy (Bartolo, Nita, and Pietro) 19. Time there was when earthly joy (Chorus (with Soprano and Contralto solo), Arrostino, and Pietro) 20. 20a. OPTIONAL SONG: When your clothes, from your hat to your socks (Pietro) (By Ivan Caryll)1 21. The Duke and Duchess hither wend their way (Luigi, Arrostino, Alfredo and Chorus) 22. Willow, willow, where's my love? (Teresa) 23. In days gone by (Alfredo, Teresa, and Ultrice) 24. An hour? Nay, nay. (Ultrice) 25. Oh, please you not to go away (Chorus, Pietro, Elvino, Alfredo, Ultrice, Bartolo, Nita) 26. Ophelia was a dainty little maid (Pietro, Bartolo, and Nita) 27. Finale (Ensemble)