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PRINCIPALS: 14 Male, 4 Female. Townspeople Chorus. • TONY -Ageing Italian immigrant vineyard owner. Warm, exuberant personality, with an endearing littleboy streak. Played in a strong Italian accent. • ROSABELLA - Small-town girl, lonely in her waitress job in the big city. Attractive, but not imposingly sexy, can be resolute and independent yet still vulnerable. • JOE - Tony's foreman; strong outdoor type, animal-handsome. Though young, he's been around. A loner, outwardly friendly but with a selfish, egotistical streak. • MARIE - Tony's sister, younger than he but very maternal towards him in a possessive way. Still very oldworld Italian, although her accent is less marked than Tony's. • HERMAN - Rotund, perennially happy young man who works for Tony and loves everyone. Should be a good mover with a strong sense of comedy. • CLEO - Rosabella's down-to-earth waitress friend. Has a big heart and a personality to match. Requires good movement and a sense of comedy. • The 3 chefs. Exuberant,easy movers. • PASQUALE - Cook/paymaster on Tony's ranch. • GIUSEPPE - Ranch watchman • CICCIO - Handyman • DOC - Kindly country doctor, approaching middle age. • POSTMAN - Rural postman who reads all the letters. Elderly, character-comedian. • JAKE, CLEM and AL - Three of the local lads, friends of Herman. • CASHIER - A slick bully who fancies himself with the ladies. • PRIEST - Traditional country priest; kindly character, not too young. • MAX - Peddler and part-time photographer. • COUNTRY GIRL - A rural, forward young miss. • CITY BOY - A city goof. A Little Girl, An Even Littler Boy, Two Truck Drivers, Brakeman, Busdriver, Waitresses, Customers, Townspeople, Ranch Workers and Neighbours SCENES AND SETTINGS: Act 1 •Scene 1: A Restaurant in San Francisco, January 1927. •Scene 2: Main Street, Napa, Calaifornia. In April. •Scene 3: Tony's Barn. A few weeks later. •Scene 4: Tony's front yard. •Act 2 •Scene 1: The Vineyards in May. •Scene 2: Later in May. •Scene 3: The Vineyards in June. •Scene 4: The Barn. •Scene 5: The Vineyards in July. •Act 3 •Scene 1: The Barn an hour later. •Scene 2: Napa Station. A little later