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Winterset and his followers now make a dramatic entrance, but before anything can happen, the entrance of the Ambassador is announced. Everyone is amazed when the Ambassador enters and kneels to the presumed barber, hailing him 'A Son of France'. The King of France is dead, and, out of danger, Beaucaire reveals himself as the Duke of Orleans and announces that Mary will be his future Duchess. There is general rejoicing. CAST • Monsieur Beaucaire • Philippe Molyneux • Frederick Bantison • Rakell • Townbrake • The Duke of Winterset • Joliffe • Bicksett • Beau Nash • Francois • Captain Badger • The Marquis de Mirepox • Lady Mary Carlisle • Lucy • Countess of Greensbury MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Opening Chorus 2. Red Rose 3. Going to the Ball 4. The Beaux and Belles of Bath 5. A Little More 6. Come with Welcome 7. Lightly, Lightly 8. No Offence 9. Finale Act I 10. Pastoral Fete 11. When I Was King of Bath 12. That's a Woman's Way 13. Philomel * 14. Honour and Love 15. Say no more 16. Finale Act II 17. The Ambassador 18. The Honours of War 19. 'We Are Not Speaking Now 20. Under the Moon 21. What are Names? 22. Way for the Ambassador 23. A Son of France 24. Finale Act III * The song "Gold and Blue and White" was originally sung by Beaucaire in place of "Philomel".