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Ahab’s homecoming follow suit. Humiliated, Ahab denounces Esta (who immediately jumps out a window to a watery death) and he returns to the safety of his cabin aboard the Pequod. Later that evening, Pip attends a very drunk Ahab. While he pledges his devotion to the Captain, Ahab pines for his lost Esta (“Love Will Always”). At the Spouter Inn, however, things are a bit more jovial. Peter Coffin, the innkeeper, is introducing Ishamel to the crew of the Pequod. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when Ishmael learns he’s to lodge the night with Queequeg, their cannibalistic crewmate who’s off selling shrunken heads. But Queequeg turns out to be a good guy and he and Ishmael become friends (“Primitive”). Over at the Pequod, Ahab has passed out from far too much rum. Pip prays for peace in his soul, but Ahab only dreams of Esta. In his dream, she tells him he belongs to the sea, and Ahab awakens with a start – determined to kill the rogue whale, Moby Dick (“A Sinking Man”). The next morning, Ishmael and Queequeg go to hear Father Mapple deliver his Sunday sermon and to seek blessings before their voyage (“Jonah Fell”). They then set off in search of a ship that will engage them as crew. Queequeg tells Ishmael that he will know the right ship “in his bones.” Ishmael picks the Pequod (“Pequod”); but as they are about to sign up, Elijah, the crazy one-armed lackey, tells them Ahab and his ship are cursed (“At Sea One Day”). Undeterred by his foreboding warnings, Ishamel and Queequeg find Starbuck and sign up anyway. They set sail on Christmas Day (“Building America”). After a brief curtain speech by the Headmistress begging for funds, we return immediately to the story (“Moby Dick Reprise”) as Ishmael brings us up to speed. The Pequod has successfully weathered a winter of storms. Pip and the crew are relaxed and lively as the boat approaches the equator (“Deck Dance”). They’ve been at sea exactly a year, and finally, a crazed Ahab appears from his cabin. He proffers a gold dubloon saying it belongs to the crewman who spots the great white whale he seeks – Moby Dick. Ishmael climbs into the crow’s nest and spies instead a herd of black whale. Ahab decides while they’re waiting for Moby Dick to appear they mind as well hunt, all the while keeping a sideward glance for the great prize (“Heave Away”). Ahab appears on deck to examine the kill. Growing weary of Ahab’s increasing delusions, Starbuck confronts Ahab in his cabin saying he came on the ship to hunt, not be a pawn to Ahab’s vengeance. Ahab tells him he’s aware of his obsession, but can’t help succumbing to it (“Can’t Keep Out The Night”). Back in the crew’s quarters, Starbuck tries to rally the men to mutiny against their insane Captain and vows to kill him (“Whale Of A Tale”); but at the last minute, Starbuck can’t bring himself to do it. Haunted by the voices of Moby Dick and his deceased, slightly decomposed wife Esta, Ahab sleepwalks about his cabin convinced they are nearing the great whale (“Love Will Always - Reprise”). Starbuck appears from the shadows and tries to convince Ahab to turn his ship around and go home. At that moment, Ishmael spots an English whaling ship. Captain Gardiner boards the Pequod saying he’s been hot on the trail of a great white whale and has lost his crew (including his 12 year old son) in the process (“The Rachel”). Gardiner retreats to his ship as crew braces for a storm at sea (“Storm (instrumental)”). Although Starbuck considers the storm a bad omen and Pip is killed when he is blown overboard, Ahab presses madly on (“Shadows Of The Deep”). The next morning, despite the calm seas, the crew is convinced the ship is cursed. Queequeg casts bones on the deck and prophesizes his own death (“Bones”). When he goes into one of his usual trances Flask tries to steal all his money. Ishmael comes to Queequeg’s defense and a fight ensues (“Fight – Instrumental”). Ahab emerges on deck to break things up and smells a strange odor – Moby Dick. The crew madly harpoons the whale, but Moby Dick eludes them (“Heave Two”). At last the whale rams the ship; and as the crew swims for their lives, Ahab submits to Moby Dick. Only Ishmael, floating on Queequeg’s coffin, survives to be picked up by The Rachel the next day. The story over, the cast jumps off the set, joyfully congratulating each other on a job well done. The Headmistress enters in an outrageous gown with two suitcases bursting with cash. She hands off one suitcase to each security guard, proclaims the school saved, and everyone parties (“Moby Dick Finale”).