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MAGYAR MELODY Romance with Music : Adapted by Eric Maschwitz and George Posford from the play by Eric Maschwitz, Fred Thompson and Guy Bolton. Music by George Posford and Bernard Grun. Revised from Paprika Premiered at the Opera House, Manchester - 29 Nov, 1938 His Majesty's Theatre, London - 20 January, 1939 (105 perf.) Magyar Melody was the first musical to be broadcast directly from a theatre and shown on television on 27 March 1939 STORY OUTLINE A simple tale of an aristocratic Englishman and opera composer, whose Hungarian gypsy love becomes an operetta star and conquers Budapest, but fails to conquer the social world of London. She returns to her homeland, to be followed, at the last moment, by her lover. The story remained very similar to the original Paprika, except that Roszi is now just an Hungarian actress (her violin solos have been cut!),and she does not return to London with Michael. Most of the action now takes place in Hungary, with very little staged in London. Michael is informed of the death of his uncle, the Duke of Firth and is obliged immediately to return to England, with no time to explain to Roszi. Count Ferenc, entrusted to deliver the farewell message and explanation, fails to do so and consequently Roszi believes she has been abandoned. CAST: • Julika - Tenant of a Hungarian Farm • Mikki - A Photographer • The Mayor • Town Councillors • Count Ferenc - A Wealthy Land Owner • Michael - A Composer of Music • Roszi Belvary - An Actress • Miklos - A Peasant • The Empress Elizabeth • Istvan - A Maître d'Hotel • Bardos - A Theatrical Manager • Major Lonay - An Army Officer • Marika, Zita , Ilona - Actresses • Theatrical Mamma • Sisters • Claque Leader • Waiter • Bandmaster • Village Band • Hunters • Herr Steffan - Landlord of the Golden Horn • Shot Gun Cousins • Shot Gun Uncle • Shot Gun Grandpa • Maria - Maid at the Hotel • Hungarian Peasants, Actresses, Audience, Guests, Villagers, Huntsmen, etc., etc. The play in its original version was presented at His Majesty’s Theatre, London with the following players in the principal roles ROSZI BELVARY - Binnie Hale MICHAEL - Roger Treville JULIKA - Betty Warren MIKKI (JARvIS) - Jerry Verno THE EMPRESS - Stella Arbenina BARDOS - Jimmy Godden COUNT FERENC - Arthur Margetson