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MLLE MODISTE An operetta in 2 acts Music by Victor Herbert, libretto by Henry Blossom. Knickerbocker Theatre, Broadway - 25th December, 1905 - 16th June, 1906 (202 perfs) SYNOPSIS Act I Fifi is a shop girl, selling hats in Mme. Cécile's shop in the Rue de la Paix in Paris. She is the shop's best saleswoman, so Mme. Cécile plots to keep her there for free by marrying her off to her artist son, Gaston. But Fifi dreams of a career on the stage. In addition, Fifi and French army Captain Etienne de Bouvray, Viscount de St. Mar, are in love. But his uncle, the old aristocratic Count de St. Mar, is scandalized that Etienne would marry a shop girl. He threatens to cut off Etienne's allowance and to disinherit him. Fifi hopes that a stage career would allow Etienne to marry her because no one need be ashamed of such an alliance. One day, when she is alone in the shop, a rich and eccentric American theatre promoter, Hiram Bent, bumbles in. Fifi tells him of her lifelong ambition, singing a wonderful number for him that serves as a kind of "audition" piece, because she shows him exactly how she would play three very different kinds of roles, if given the opportunity (the last of these is "Kiss Me Again"). He loans her $1000 to help her achieve this goal and win over her sweetheart's crotchety uncle, Count Henri. She leaves for Vienna to develop her talent. Act II A year later, Etienne is still pining for Fifi, who has not written him during that time, but who has, meanwhile, become a great success throughout Europe. Etienne and his sister, Marie Louise, are hosting a charity ball at the Chateau de St. Mar. Unknown to Etienne, Hiram Bent has arranged for Fifi to sing at the ball. The Count, learning of this, is enraged and forbids Fifi to sing. However, Hiram arranges for Etienne to "discover" Fifi's presence. The two stage a "performance" for the Count in which Fifi defends the Count and Etienne calls him a "stupid old idiot". The Count, impressed by Fifi's sincerity and her new position, as well as by Etienne's behavior, allows Fifi to sing, and ultimately to marry Etienne. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act 1 1. Furs and Feathers, Buckles and Bows – Fanchette, Nanette and Girls 2. When the Cat's Away the Mice Will Play – Fanchette, Nanette and Mme. Cécile 3. The Time, the Place and the Girl – Capt. Etienne de Bouvray and Chorus 4. If I Were on the Stage (Kiss Me Again) – Fifi 5. Love Me, Love My Dog – Gaston 6. Hats Make the Woman – Fifi and Female Chorus 7. Finale – Company Act 2 8. I Want What I Want When I Want It – Henri de Bouvray 9. Ze English Language – Gaston 10. The Mascot of the Troop (Mascot of the Moon) – Fifi and Male Ensemble 11. The Dear Little Girl Who is Good – Lieut. Rene La Motte and Female Ensemble 12. The Keokuk Culture Club – Mrs. Hiram Bent and Ensemble 13. The Nightingale and the Star – Fifi 14. Finale – Entire Company