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Act Two John now works on behalf of Bui-Doi children, the children of American and Vietnamese, who were conceived during the war. He is speaking about the plight of these children to a group of men (“Bui-Doi”). The images in the film of the small, forgotten victims reach out to haunt the veterans of the war, including Chris, who has been summoned to the conference by John. Chris learns that Kim has escaped to Bangkok and that he is the father of her two-year-old son. Chris is distraught; believing that he would never see Kim again, he has married Ellen. John suggests that Chris tell Ellen the truth, then they can go to Bangkok together to face the situation (“Post Bui-Doi”). In Bangkok, the Engineer has landed a job as the doorman and barker at a sleazy nightclub. John arrives, and the Engineer leads him to Kim. John tries to tell her the truth about Chris, but she insists on showing off her son (“Bangkok”). John is torn between telling her the truth and allowing Chris to tell Kim about his marriage. He tells her that Chris is in Bangkok and that he will come to see her (“Please”). When John leaves, the Engineer tells Kim not to wait for Chris to come to her, but to go to his hotel at once. She prays to her parents for their blessing, and the Engineer leaves to find out where Chris is staying (“Chris Is Here”). As she waits for the Engineer, Kim falls asleep. Thuy’s ghost appears to haunt her. He asks her where Chris was on the night that Saigon fell (“Kim’s Nightmare – Part 1”) and we travel back to the past that she remembers: after securing a visa so that she could return to the United States with him, Chris left her in their room with a gun and went to work at the embassy with a promise that they would have plenty of warning for escape; when he reaches the embassy, however, he is told to evacuate immediately and forbidden to return for Kim (“Kim’s Nightmare – Part 2”). The embassy is a wild scene, with mobs of Vietnamese pounding at the gates, begging to be evacuated. Kim comes to the gate just as the order is issued that no more Vietnamese can enter the grounds. Although Chris and Kim struggle to reach each other, their efforts are in vain. He is forced to board the last helicopter to leave Saigon (“Kim’s Nightmare – Part 3”). Kim wakes up from her nightmare (“Sun & Moon – Reprise”). The Engineer brings the address of the hotel at which Chris is staying, and Kim runs through the city to find him. At the same time, John is bringing Chris through the streets to find her. At the hotel, Ellen answers the door and, for a moment, both women are confused. However, Ellen soon realizes who Kim is and reveals her marriage to Chris. As the truth sinks in, Kim insists that Ellen and Chris must take Tam back to America with them. Ellen refuses, saying that Tam belongs with Kim, but Kim is desperate for her son to have a better life in America. Kim leaves, insisting that Chris must come to see her (“Kim & Ellen”). Ellen is very upset at having met Kim and feels that part of Chris will always love her (“Now That I’ve Seen Her”). Chris and John return, and Ellen confronts Chris with her doubts about his love. He then explains that his relationship with Kim happened when he was a deeply confused man; only with Ellen did his life begin again. They reaffirm their love for each other. John, however, reminds them that they must resolve Tam’s future; Chris suggests that Kim and Tam remain in Bangkok with his financial support because Ellen could not accept the idea of having Kim in the United States, but John knows that Kim will not accept the idea of having Tam stay in Bangkok. He urges them to reconsider (“Chris & Ellen”). Outside, Kim is promising Tam that he will have a new life in America. She knows that Chris will come for his son. She goes back to the club and lies to the Engineer, saying that Chris is coming for them that night. She says that the Engineer must pack his things and prepare for the journey to America (“Paper Dragons”). The Engineer rejoices at finally being able to go to America and having his dreams come true (“The American Dream”). Kim dresses Tam in his best clothes. She tells him that his father is coming to take him home. She kisses Tam and hears Chris and the Engineer approaching. She gives Tam a toy and sends him out to join the Engineer. She takes Chris’ gun out of her bedside table and, as Tam goes to the others, she turns the gun on herself and shoots. Chris bursts in just as Kim is dying. He holds her in his arms as the tragedy unfolds and the curtain falls (“Finale Act 2”).