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Liberty and captivates the crowd with her dancing, but as the ball ends, Bennett arrives and has her placed under arrest, along with Horace and the Countess. Maisie, left alone, sings of her lost love. The following day, as the Countess and Monique wait at Castle Garden to be deported back to France for their deception, Horace enters with the happy news that Pulitzer has arranged for their release and has offered him a job. Monique, inspired by her experiences in America, sings Emma Lazarus's poem. Didier C. Deutsch July 1991 PRODUCTION and ORIGINAL CAST CREDITS Settings and lighting by Oliver Smith. Costumes by Motley. Musical director, Jay Blackton. Orchestrations by Don Walker. Dance arrangements, Genevieve Pitot. Vocal arrangements by Jay Blackton. Piano arrangements, Helmy Kresa. Produced by Irving Berlin, Robert E. Sherwood and Moss Hart. CAST (in order of appearance): • Maisie Dell: MARY McCARTY. • The Herald Reader: Rowan Tudor. • James Gordon Bennett: CHARLES DINGLE. • Horace Miller: EDDIE ALBERT. • Police Captain: Evans Thornton. • The Mayor: Donald McClelland. • French Ambassador: Emile Renan. • Carthwright: Sid Lawson. • Joseph Pulitzer: PHILIP BOURNEUF. • The Sharks: Bill Bradley, Allen Knowles, Kazimir Kokic, Robert Pagent. • Bartholdi: HERBERT BERGHOF. • The Models: Stephanie Augustine, Trudy DeLuz, Marilyn Frechette. • Monique Dupont: ALLYN McLERIE. • The Boy: TOMMY BALL. • The Girl: Maria Karnilova. • 'Die Acrobats: Virginia Cowell, Joe Milan, Eddie Phillips. • Strong Man: Kazimir Kokic. • The Countess: ETHEL GRIFFIES. • A Lover: Ed Chappel. • His Girl: Helene Whitney. • A Gendarme: Rober Penn. • A Lamplighter: Johnny V.R. Thompson. • Another Lamplighter: TOMMY RALL. • A Socialite: Marilyn Frechette. • An Actress: Helene Whitney. • A Minister: Ed Chappel. • An Admiral: Robert Patterson. • The Boys: Bob Kryl, Ernest Laird. • The Mother: Elizabeth Watts. • The Policeman: Evans Thornton. • The Brothers: Lewis Bolyard, David Collyer. • The Train: Eddie Phillips, Erik Kristen, Joseph Milan. • Reception Delegation: Dolores Goodman, Virginia Conwell, Fred Hearn, Bob Tucker, Allen Knowles. • A Maid: Gloria Patrice. • The Dandy: TOMMY RALL. • Ruby: Maria Karnilova. • A Sailor: Eddie Phillips. • His Girl: Dolores Goodman. • Richard K.Fox: Donald McClelland. • The Judge: Erik Kristen. • A Policeman: Robert Patterson. • Immigration Officer: Evans Thornton. • A Boy: William Calhoun. • Singers: Stephanie Augustine, Irene Carroll, Trudy DeLuz, Marilyn Frechette, Estelle Gardner, Norma Larkin, Yolanda Renay, Helene Whitney. Lewis Bolyard, Ed Chappel, David Collyer, Billy Hogue, Sid Lawson, Robert Patterson, Robert Penn, John Sheehan, Evans Thornton. • Dancers: Virginia Conwell, Coy Dare, Norma Doggett, Dolores Goodman, Patricia Hammerlee, Norma Kaiser, Gloria Patrice, Janice Rule, Tiny Shimp. Bill Bradley, Fred Hearn (Captain), Allen Knowles, Kazimir Kokic, Erik Kristen, Joe Milan, Robert Pagent, Eddie Phillips, Bob Tucker. • Newsboys: William Calhoun, Ronald Kane, Bob Kryl, Ernest Laird, Kevin Mathews, Rusty Slocum.