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19. CONCERTED NUMBER - The House that Hook built - (Mr. Hook had arranged his house entirely on a novel plan) 20. DANCE 21. SONG (Van Vuyt) and Chorus of Girls) - Little Liqueurs - (Had you and I met in those far distant days) 22. DUET (Mina and Schnapps) - Pop, pop, pop - (In a little coat of straw stood, a bottle of Schnapps) 23. SONG (Schnapps) and Chorus - Harwich to Hook - (An Englishman, some years ago,had a scheme) 24. SONG (Sally) and Chorus - Cream of the Sky - (To every sun-clad nation belongs that country's good wine) 25. FINALE Addenda • SONG (Sally) - I want to be your wife - (English girls when they make love simple language are above) • SONG (Mina) - Have you been to Arndyk? - (I've never been inside a big town before) • SONG (Van Vuyt) - The Violoncello - (Before he became the conductor) CAST: • Mr Hook - a widower, a wealthy liqueur distiller • Sally - Miss Hook of Holland • Captain Adrian Paap • Lieutenant de Coop • Bandmaster van Vuyt • Ludwig Schnapps - Foreman of the distellry, in love with Mina • Hans Maas - A cheese merchant at Arndyk • Hendrick Draek - a villager at Arndyk • Van Eck - a very ordinary Dutchman • Simon Slinks - a loafer by the canal at Arndyk • Miss Voss - really Mrs Voos, a widow but posing as a spinster • Freda Voos - her daughter • Clara Voos - her youngest daughter • Gretchen - Manageress at the Distillery • Thekla - a market girl Chorus of market folk, soldiers, cheese merchants, villagers, assistants at the Liqueur Distillery, &c SCENES AND SETTING • Act I - The Cheese Market at Arndyk. On the borders of the Zuyder Zee • Act II - The Interior of the Liqueur Distillery, Amsterdam DISCOGRAPHY Miss Hook of Holland - Cast Recording conducted by Wilem Tausky