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students, led by Enjolras, stream out onto the streets to whip up popular support, only Marius is distracted by thoughts of the mysterious Cosette. Cosette is consumed with thoughts of Marius, with whom she has fallen in love. Valjean realises that his "daughter" is changing very quickly but refuses to tell her anything of her past. In spite of her own feelings for Marius, Eponine sadly brings him to Cosette and then prevents an attempt by her father's gang to rob Valjean's house. Valjean, convinced it was Javert who was lurking outside his house, tells Cosette they must prepare to flee the country. On the eve of the revolution, the students and Javert see the situation from their different viewpoints. Cosette and Marius part in despair of ever meeting again; Eponine mourns the loss of Marius; and Valjean looks forward to the security of exile. The Thénardiers, meanwhile, dream of rich pickings underground from the chaos to come. The students prepare to build a barricade. Marius, noticing that Eponine has joined the insurrection, sends her with a letter to Cosette. It is intercepted at the Rue Plumet by Valjean. Eponine decides, despite what he has said to her, to rejoin Marius at the barricade. The barricade is built and the revolutionaries defy an army warning that they must give up or die. Gavroche exposes Javert as a police spy. In trying to return to the barricade, Eponine is shot and killed. Valjean arrives at the barricade in search of Marius. He has the opportunity of killing Javert but, instead, lets him go. The students settle down for a night manning the barricade and in the quiet of the night, Valjean prays to God to save Marius from the onslaught which is to come. The next day, with ammunition running low, Gavroche runs out to collect more - and is shot. The rebels are all killed, including their leader, Enjolras. Valjean escapes into the sewers with an unconscious Marius. After meeting Thénardier, who is robbing the rebel corpses, he emerges into the light only to meet Javert once more. He pleads for time to deliver the young man to hospital. Javert decides to let him go and, in his uncompromising principles of justice having been shattered by Valjean's demonstration of mercy, he kills himself by throwing himself into the swollen Seine. A number of Parisian women come to terms with the failed insurrection and its victims. Unaware of the identity of his rescuer, Marius recovers in Cosette's care. Valjean confesses the truth of his past to Marius and insists that after the young couple are married, he must go away rather than taint the sanctity and safety of their union. At Marius and Cosette's wedding, the Thénardiers try to blackmail Marius. Thénardier says Cosette's "father" is a murderer and, as proof, produces a ring which he has stolen from one of the corpses in the sewers the night the barricades fell. It is Marius' own ring and he realises that it was Valjean who rescued him that night. He and Cosette go to Valjean where Cosette learns, for the first time, of her own history before the old man dies, joining the spirit of Fantine, Eponine and all who died at the barricades. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Prologue - The Company 2. Soliloquy - Jean Valjean 3. At the End of the Day - Unemployed, Factory Workers 4. I Dreamed a Dream - Fantine 5. Lovely Ladies - Ladies, Clients 6. Who Am I? - Jean Valjean 7. Come to Me - Fantine, Jean Valjean 8. Castle on a Cloud - Young Cosette 9. Master of the House - Thénardier, Mme Thénardier, Customers 10. Thénardier Waltz (of Treachery) - Thénardier, Mme Thénardier, Jean Valjean 11. Look Down - Gavroche, Beggars 12. Stars - Javert 13. Red and Black - Enjolras, Marius, Students 14. Do You Hear the People Sing? - Enjolras, Students, Citizens 15. In My Life - Cosette, Jean Valjean, Marius, Eponine 16. A Heart Full of Love - Cosette, Marius, Eponine 17. One Day More - The Company