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THE MAGICAL ADVENTURES OF MERLIN Book, Music and Lyrics By Janet Yates Vogt and Mark Friedman SYNOPSIS This re-imagined tale shares how a young Merlin meets a young, soon-to-be king, Arthur in mythical, ancient England. Will Merlin choose ultimate magical power- his lifelong dream- or friendship with Arthur and Guinevere? Will Arthur pull the sword from the stone and defeat the bewitching Morgana? Can Merlin become the greatest wizard of the land? Magical surprises provide the answers in this enchanted musical adventure. STORY In days of old, when knights roamed the kingdom, a young apprentice wizard named Merlin is learning how to become a great sorcerer. Another young lad, Arthur, is destined to become king - but only if he is able to pull the magical sword, Excalibur, from the stone. Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, enchants the sword into the stone to keep it from the hands of her evil sister, Morgana - SONG OF THE LADY OF THE LAKE. But Morgana vows: "Arthur will never be king!" and proclaims that the sword and all power shall be hers. Merlin, who lives with the Old Master Sorcerer and his wife, is tired of doing mundane chores like cleaning out the dragon cage and mopping the floor. Merlin would much rather work on mastering his magical skills - MERLIN IS MY NAME. The people in the town square are amazed to see the sword in the stone and it's magical inscription that "whoever pulls out the sword shall be the rightful King of England." Everyone rushes up to pull out the sword pushing and shoving each other out of the way in a frantic FIGHT FOR THE SWORD. Morgana and her knights clear away the crowd as she announces that THE SWORD SHALL BE MINE. Arthur narrowly escapes an encounter with Morgana and makes his way to the Master Sorcerer's house where he meets Merlin for the first time. He soon enlists the help of Merlin, the two become fast friends. As they journey together to the sword in the stone, Merlin instructs Arthur on a little "Magic 101" telling him that all he need do is LET MAGIC BE YOUR GUIDE. In a sudden encounter with Morgana's knights who engage Arthur in a SWORDFIGHT IN THE FOREST, Merlin's uses his magic to save Arthur. Continuing on their journey, they meet the Lady Guinivere who soon proves to Arthur that her skills with the sword are equal to his. Arthur and Guinivere are immediately taken with each other as Arthur explains what he would do IF I WERE KING. Merlin, Arthur, and Guinivere pledge to defeat Morgana and her evil knights, vowing to help Arthur to fulfill his true destiny as King. But once again Merlin hears THE SONG OF THE LADY OF THE LAKE (reprise) and Nimue enchants Merlin revealing to him that Morgana's magic may be too great for him to overcome - but she may be abe to help him. Morgana's power is indeed strong and she tempts Merlin to leave Arthur and Guinevere behind and join their powers together to capture the sword and rule the kingdom - MAGIC OR FRIENDSHIP?