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The others wish to help him but fear that he will never be able to pay them back. The artists reflect on the difficulties of a life on the stage (“Madame Gateau’s Desolate Hotel”). Bellini enters to announce that he is leaving. Madame Gateau demands that he give Mirette an explanation and calls for her. Mirette enters, and Bellini is shocked and frightened by her appearance and movements. He informs her of the decision and then reveals his reason for being unable to teach her: one day, in the middle of a difficult act that he had performed hundreds of times, he was overcome with fear and had to crawl off the wire. She must find a teacher that can do the same tricks that she has to learn. Mirette leaves. She goes to the wire in the courtyard and cuts it down, an act that seems to wake Bellini up. He realizes what he must do. He calls Max over and tells him to gather the necessary materials for him to walk across the roofs of Paris that evening. Everyone is shocked. He says that he must do this for Mirette. We transition to the wire. Max steps forward to gather a crowd for Bellini’s walk. As he takes his first steps, it is clear that he has been overcome with fear – Mirette knows what she must do. She proceeds to climb the tower and joins Bellini, inching slowly towards him. They take hands and all of his faith and courage are restored. He lifts Mirette upon his shoulder as a huge banner falls behind them that reads, “Mirette and Bellini! Wire Walkers Extrordinaire! Stupendous Feats!” (“Finale”). MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Sitting On The Edge - Mirette 2. Madame Gateau’s Colorful Hotel - Madame Gateau, Mirette, Artistes 3. Maybe - Mirette, Rouspenskaya 4. Someone In The Mirror - Bellini 5. I Like It Here - Mirette 6. Irkutsk - Rouspenskaya 7. Practising - Bellini, Artistes 8. Learning Who You Are - Bellini, Mirette 9. The Show Goes On - Camembert, Mirette, Artistes 10. Feet Upon The Ground - Madame Gateau 11. Clouk and Claire - Clouk, Claire, Orchestra 12. If You Choose To Walk Upon The Wire - Bellini, Artistes 13. She Isn’t You - Madame Gateau, Bellini 14. The Great God Pan - Gaby, Artistes 15. The Great Bellini - Max, Mirette, Artistes 16. Sometimes You Just Need Someone - Mirette, Bellini 17. Madame Gateau’s Desolate Hotel - Madame Gateau, Bellini, Artistes 18. Finale - Company CAST • MADAME GATEAU - The proprietor of a small hotel in Paris that caters to Music Hall "Artistes" • MIRETTE - Madame's daughter, ten years old. • BELLINI - A dark, brooding man with a mysterious past. • TABAC - A juggler and jack-of-all-trades, desperately poor. In his twenties. A boarder at Mme. Gateau's Hotel. • MME. ROUSPENSKAYA - A singer with a "grand" manner. Russian. She has been on the scene for years. Her age is a secret. A boarder at Mme. Gateau's Hotel. • CLOUKE & CLAIRE - Acrobats. A couple who know each other's every thought and gesture. Boarders at Mme. Gateau's Hotel. • GABY - A beautiful young dancer-mime. A boarder at Mme. Gateau's Hotel. • CAMEMBERT- A sad clown, with years of experience. A boarder at Mme. Gateau's Hotel. • MAX - A Promoter of talent.