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THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE A theatrical fantasy : Songs by Randy Newman Book by Tracy Friedman Premier - Wisdom Bridge Theater, Chicago Prince Music Theater, Philadelphia - Opened Jun 4, 2005 - Closed Jun 26, 2005 SYNOPSIS The songs of Randy Newman are woven into a contemporary "minstrel" show with the sociological punch that has made him America's foremost musical satirist. Set in 1969, five people find themselves stranded at a bus depot in a backwater Louisiana town. As the rain pours down, their personas pour forth. There's the station's janitor, the jingoistic salesman and the GI to whom he's giving a lift, the redneck with a guitar case full of beer, and the GI returning from Vietnam. In a succession of stylized set pieces, this show-within-ashow becomes a bitter-sweet allegory of American pluralism. CAST: - 4 men, 1 woman • Joe - an old black man. He seems to be the janitor of the depot. • The GI - a handsome black soldier, very intelligent but with a chip on his shoulder. • The Salesman - a middle-aged, Jewish travelling salesman with a robust personality. • The Girl - a young, white, urban, hitchhiker who's good at taking care of herself. • The Redneck - a big, brawny, loud but likeable kind of a guy. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Minstral Transition 2. Sail Away 3. Yellow Man 4. Sigmund Freud 5. Political Science 6. Lover's Prayer 7. Tickle Me 8. Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong 9. You Can Leave Your Hat On 10. They Just Got Married 11. Marie 12. I'm Different 13. Simon Smith 14. Davy, The Fat Boy 15. Short People 16. Old Man 17. Song For The Dead 18. Mr. President 19. Lonely At The Top 20. Roll With The Punches 21. It's Money I Love 22. Baltimore 23. Old Kentucky Home 24. Rednecks 25. Louisiana 26. Finale - Rain Today CAST • Salesman • Girl • G.I. • Redneck • Joe • Salesman/Redneck • Girl • Joe/G.I SCENES AND SETTINGS • The action takes place in a bus depot somewhere on the back roads of Louisiana 1969. Instrumentation: clarinet db. tenor sax, keyboards, electric guitar, bass guitar, percussion