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circumstances turns into querulous bullying. • Willie Morgan - Big Willie Morgan is a six-footer. He is about 50 and good living has covered his large frame with a layer of fat, but within the man is still hard. He has a magnificent head of white hair with black Welsh eyebrows; a deep and resonant voice which he fully exploits. Willie is dedicated to the proposition that the whole world is bent. He believes this and acts accordingly. He is cynical and shyall too plausible. • Ned - One of Willie's cronies. A tiny man • Knock-Off Nolan - A shifty, cheerful villain • Stevedore - An unpleasant foreman INSTRUMENTATION: Reed 1 (flute, piccolo) Reed II (flute, tenor sax), Reed III (oboe, cor anglais), Reed IV (clarinet, alto sax), Reed V (clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone sax), horn (opt.), 3 trumpets (3rd opt.), 2 trombones, 2 percussion (2nd opt.), keyboard/synthesizer, cello (opt.), bass Vocal Score, Vocal Book and Libretto available on hire only SYNOPSIS OF SCENES: Act I • Prologue - Outside a parish hall, 20 years earlier, Palm Sunday • Scene 1 - A street outside a Chinese restaurant, 20 years later • Scene 2 - A terrace of small houses outside the dock gates incorporating the interior of Maggie May's room • Scene 3 - The unloading bay at the dockside • Scene 4 - Nora Mulqueen's pub • Scene 5 - By the riverside with the New Brighton Fairground on the far Mersey bank • Scene 6 - The warehouse at the dockside ACT II • Scene 1 - The Catacomb Club • Scene 2 - A terrace of small houses outside the dock gates • Scene 3 - The Pier Head - meeting place outside the Liver Building • Scene 4 - The New Brighton fairground • Scene 5 - A deserted place • Scene 6 - Maggie May's room and the street below • Scene 7 - The unloading bay at the dockside DISCOGRAPHY OLC Recording That's Entertainment - TER 1046 Original Cast Recording