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Notes on the Principal Characters: • HANNA (Madame Glavari) - "The Merry Widow". Young, pretty, gay, vivacious, all the title implies. High soprano: low B flat to top B flat with optional C • DANILO (Count Danilovitsch) - aristocratic playboy-attaché at the Pontevedrian Embassy in Paris. Gay, debonair, irresponsible, very attractive to the ladies - of whose company, along with his wine, he is extremely fond. High baritone: low A to top F. • BARON ZETA - Pontevedrian Ambassador in Paris. Middle-aged: a little pompous, comic when he is trying to be a dutiful offial, a bit of an old rogue but very likeable; over confident of his wife's virtues. Baritone: low A to top E, with optional F. • VALENCIENNE (Baroness Zeta) - the Ambassador's rather foolish but would-be-faithful wife. Naïvely amorous, she lacks the courage to stray from the straight and narrow path, but cannot bring heerself effectively to dismiss the young man who tempts her from it. Soprano: low B flat to top B flat. • CAMILLE (Count de Rosillon) - the ardent young Frenchman in love with Valencienne. Light tenor: middle C to A flat, with optional B flat. • NJEGUS - Baron Zeta's Factotum. Sly; amusing; a "character". Bartone: low B flat to top B flat. • ST BRIOCHE and CASCADA - two diplomatic guests at the Embassy. Though entangled with married ladies, they are rivals for the hand of the Widow. They are both conceited, shallow and rather ridiculous. Baritones: St Brioche, low D to top F; Cascada, middle C to top F. • KROMOV - an attaché who is forever nagging his wife for flirty=ing; self-important, with an absurdly over-punctilious manner. Baritone: low B flat to top E flat. • OLGA - wife of Kromov. Contralto: low D to top E flat. • BOGDANOVITSCH and PRITSCH - attachés at the Embassy. Baritones: middle C to top E flat. • SYLVIA and PRASKOVIA - lady guests at the Embassy. Sylvia mezzo-soprano: D to top A flat: • PRASKOVIA, contralto: D to D. • LOLO, DODO, JOU-JOU, FROU-FROU, CLO-CLO, MARGOT - "grisettes" at Maxim's - soubrettes: middle C to top F. Scenes and Musical Numbers ACT I - A Salon in the Pontivedrian Embassy in Paris ACT II - The Garden of Madame Glavari's Residence - early the following evening. ACT III -The same as Act two - à la Maxim's later that night. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. Opening "Pontivedro in Paree" - Cascada, Zeta and Chorus 2. Ballroom Music - Orchestra 3. A Highly Respectable Wife - Valencienne and Camille 4. So Many Men Admire Me - Ann and Men's Chorus 5. You'll Find Me at Maxim's - Danilo and Ladies 6. It Goes To Show - Anna and Danilo Act II 7. Vilia - Anna and Chorus 8. Driving in the Park with You - Anna and Danilo 9. Women! Women! Women! - Danilo, Cascada, Zeta, St. Brioche, Kromov, Bogdanovitsch & Pritschitsch 10. The Waltz Scene - Anna, Danilo, Chorus and Dancers