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Zeta has called a meeting of his staff at the very summerhouse. He find the door locked and through the keyhole he believes he sees his wife and Camille. Furiously he tries to break down the door, but Valencienne escapes by another way and Anna takes her place. Camille comes out of the summerhouse and announces, his engagement to Anna! Anna is delighted at Danilo's reaction to the announcement, he is furiously jealous and she interprets this as a sign of true love. ACT III We find ourselves again in the garden of Anna's house. This time it is decorated as "Chez Maxim's". Danilo is delighted to learn from Anna the truth of the summer house episode but he still cannot declare himself. Only when she tells him that by the terms of her late husband's will does she lose her millions upon remarriage, should he propose. She accepts, gladly and then tells him that the millions go to whoever becomes her new husband. Details given below are for the Christopher Hassall English Version CHARACTERS BARON MIRKO ZETA,- Pontevedrian Ambassador in Paris. VALENCIENNE, - his Wife COUNT DANILO DANILOVITCH, - his First Secretary. ANNA GLAWARI. CAMILLE de ROSILLON. VICOMTE CASCADA. RAOUL de St. BRIOCHE. BOGDANOWITSCH, - Pontevedrian Military Attaché. SYLVIANE, - his Wife. KROMOW, - Pontevedrian Councillor. OLGA, - his Wife. PRITSCHITSCH, - Pontevedrian Consul. PRASKOWIA, - his Wife. NJEGUS, - an Embassy Secretary. CHORUS, - Ornaments of Parisian Society, Pontevedrians, etc. DANCERS. SCENES AND SETTINGS ACT 1: Grand Salon at the Pontevedrian Embassy in Paris. ACT 2: The Garden of Anna Glawari's mansion. Evening of the next day. ACT 3: The same. Later that night. TIME: The turn of the century. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT ONE 1. Introduction - Pontevedro in Paree - "Speak for the men and the beauties" 1a - Ballroom Music 2. Duet - A highly respectable wife - (Valencienne, Camille) - "Look now's our chance" 3. Entrance - Anna & Ensemble - "Gentlemen, no more ! I'm still a Pontevedrian" 3a - Ballroom music 4. Solo - I'm off to Chez Maxime - (Danilo) - "My very heavy Fatherland" 5. Duet - All's one to all men when there's gold - (Anna, Danilo) - "One girl has almond eyes"