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There came a great bushfire that followed the creek. And blazed through the bushland for many a week. The birds flew to safety, and each native soul... The Blue gum was trapped by the seared waterhole. When at last we all came back Gleaming Blue was charred jet black. Still it stands, Symbol of a proud tough land. Chorus: Bluegum old Blue Gum etc. 3. The seasons revolved and the bushland revived. The blackened old gumtree with honour survived. New branches of life sprouted blue every one, And green were the leaves that filtered the sun. Not prepared to bow to fate. Bluegum did regenerate. Love renewed, That's the Bushlands attitude. Chorus. Cast: 10 Aussie principals, 4 French Principals. 6 French Dancing girls. Chorus: Guests, suitors, Raoul and band. ORCHESTRATION: A brand new orchestrations is being completed by Stephen Gray, Assistant MD for Les Misérables. It will be set around a string quartet and can be used by an orchestra of between 5 and 10 instruments. Further information and pictures on or UK Rights administered by Josef Weinberger