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MUSICAL NUMBER ACT I Overture (Orchestra) 1. Opening Chorus 2. We are two proper men (Long Tom and Big Ben) 3. Oh! Where the deer do lie (Jill-All-Alone & Chorus) 4. I do counsel that your playtime (Walter Wilkins& Chorus) 5. That every Jack should have a Jill (Sir Walter Raleigh & Chorus) 6. Love is meant to make us glad (Bessie Throckmorton, Jill-All-Alone, Sir Walter Raleigh, Walter Wilkins & Long Tom) 7. She had a letter from her love (Bessie Throckmorton) 8. When true love hath found a man (Bessie Throckmorton & Sir Walter Raleigh) 9. When a man is a lover (Earl of Essex, Walter Wilkins & Silas Simkins) 10. The Yeomen of England (Earl of Essex & Chorus) 11. Entrance of Queen Elizabeth and God save Elizabeth into O peaceful England (Chorus, Queen Elizabeth & Chorus) 12. King Neptune sat on his lonely throne (Walter Wilkins & Chorus) 13. Finale Act I (Queen Elizabeth, Jill-All-Alone, Bessie Throckmorton, Sir Walter Raleigh, Earl of Essex & Chorus) ACT II 14. The month of May has come today (Jill-All-Alone & Chorus) 15. In England, Merrie England (Bessie Throckmorton, Jill-All-Alone, Long Tom & Big Ben) 16. The big brass band (Walter Wilkins, Silas Simkins & Men's Chorus) 17. It is the merry month of May (Jill-All-Alone & Sir Walter Raleigh) 18. The Queen of May is crowned today (Chorus) 19. Rustic Dance (Orchestra) 20. Dan Cupid hath a garden (Sir Walter Raleigh) 21. Two merry men a-drinking (Walter Wilkins (as Friar Tuck), Sir Walter Raleigh (as Robin Hood), Long Tom (as Little John) & Chorus) 22. Who shall say that love is cruel? (Bessie Throckmorton) 23. When Cupid first this old world trod (Earl of Essex, Bessie Throckmorton, Jill-All-Alone & Sir Walter Raleigh) 24. Oh! Here's a to-do to die to-day (Silas Simkins & Chorus) 25. Finale (Full company) INSTRUMENTATION - (Total number of books=16) 2 Violins I ; 1 Violin II ; 1 Viola ; 1 Cello ; 1 Double Bass ; 1 Flute/Piccs 1/II ; 1 Oboe ; 1 Clarinets I/II ; 1 Bassoons I/II ; 1 Horns I/II ; 1 Trumpets I/II ; 1 Trombones 1/II ; 1 Percussion ; 1 Harp ; 1 Conductor Score - annotated vocal score ;