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LISTEN TO THE WIND A musical play in 2 acts. Original book by Angela Ainley Jeans. Revised book by Peter Morris based on an adaptation by Humphrey Carpenter; Music and lyrics by Vivian Ellis Arts Theatre, London - 16 December, 1955 (48 perfs) SYNOPSIS This is a Christmas play of a new and original kind. It combines a good and exciting story with some enchanting music. Its appeal is to all ages. Angela Ainslie Jean’s story would satisfy everybody: it has wit and charm and suspense. Added to this, Vivian Ellis has written a score rich in melody and fun. STORY The year is 1860: the setting, a house in East Anglia where Emma, a rather grown-up a little girl, lives with her grandmother. This particular Christmas holiday, she is visited by her two rumbustious cousins, Jeremy and Harriet, and on the night of their arrival, all three children are kidnapped by gypsies and carried off to the woods. They escape by playing Emma’s magic musical box, a device which calls up the assistance of the Wind People. The rescue is effected by the friendly Gale birds, who transport the children to the kingdom of the winds . There they meet with many exciting adventures: they are welcomed by all the wind people-King North wind, Queen at South wind, Moonbeam, sunshine and many others. Poor Emma is sent into a trance by eating poisoned berries placed on the rocks by Miranda the sea witch (. I retired mermaid), and this involves Jeremy and Harriet in a midnight escapade to catch Miranda; they bait a convenient rock with a boiled starfish, a favourite food of the catfish who carries Miranda over the waves. All complications are of course resolved in the end, and the children returned safe and sound to Emma’s parlour in time for Christmas. We leave them looking forward to their summer holidays, which are to be spent in future, not at Bournemouth, but in the kingdom of the winds. MUSICAL NUMBERS Overture 1. Introductions - Emma and Miss Lush 2. Timothy's Under The Table - Grandmother, Liss Lush and Children 3. Listen To The Wind - The Children 4. When I Grow Up - The Children 5. Who'd Be Governed By A Governess? - Miss Lush 6. Bread And Butter Song - The Gypsy Man 7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Emma and Jeremy 8. Reprise - Listen to the Wind - The Children 9. Finale Act I - The Company Act II 10. (I'm A) Naughty Gale Bird - The Gale Bird 11. Miaow, Miaow - The Company 12. Did You Ever See a Mermaid Walking? - Miranda 13. Whistle Down The Chimney - The Company 14. When They Grow Up - Grandmother