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Instrumentation There is a small band accompaniment, with the following instruments: Soprano Saxophone doubling Clarinet, Flute and Piccolo Bass Piano Drums (you may have one player to play each of the wind instruments, or two players, one on saxophone doubling clarinet, the other on flute doubling piccolo) The vocal score is used as the conductor's score and contains cues to help the musical director. There is no full score available. PRODUCTION & SCENERY At its most minimal, the set could be a backcloth with hills to denote Narnia. The hills would be green but with white material Velcroed on until the change of seasons. During the scenes in Professor Kirk's house, the backcloth would not be lit. if it is possible to hang a gauze immediately down stage of the cloth, Narnia Could be blacked out completely during these scenes. Cut-out trees, snowy on one side and green on the other, on bases that could be turned easily, would be a useful addition. The lamppost, a vital piece of scenery, could also be a tree on the other side, and turned whenever the scene moved to another part of Narnia. The spare room could be a small truck, pushed on-stage from Stage Right, with a wardrobe and, if feasible, a small flat window at the back. The entrance into Narnia could be accomplished by climbing into the front and out of the back of the wardrobe and the truck pulled off into the wings. Likewise, Mr. Tumnus' cave could be a similar truck Stage Left (of course, these positions can be reversed). This truck, with the Mr. Tumnus' props cleared away, could also be the Cave on the way to the Stone Table. The opening scene and Edmund's monologue in Act Two could both be either before a front cloth or, if there are no flying facilities, then the house tabs, suitably lit, would suffice. SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1 Scene 1 The Hall of Professor Kirk's house Scene 2 The Spare Room Scene 3 The Wood in Narnia Scene 4 Mr. Tumnus Cave Scene 5 The Spare Room Scene 6 The Wood in Narnia Scene 7 The Spare Room Scene 8 The Wood Scene 9 Mr. Tumnus Cave Scene 10 Another Part of the Wood Act 2 Scene 1 As Act 1, Scene 10 Scene 2 The Road to the Witch's Castle Scene 3 The Witch's Courtyard Scene 4 A Cave on the Way to the Stone Table Scene 5 The Stone Table Scene 6 The Wood Scene 7 The Spare Room