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12. Duet: Lilac Time (Mitzi and Schubert) - "Lilac time, lilac time, song sweet May" 13. Song: Wedding Day (Ensemble and Chorus) - "Now to our bridal pairs" 14. Duet: I'll Still Have You (Zell and Mrs. Zell) "Children come, children go" 15. Finale Act 2 (Mitzi, Schubert and Schober) - "I long to carve your name on ev'ry tree" ACT 3 16. Opening Act 3 (Chorus and Ballet) - "An early starter will find on days like this" 17. Song: The Sweetest Music (Schober) - "Music, the sweetest music must be the words" 18. Duet: Reprise, Lilac Time (Mitzi and Schubert) 19. Finale Act 3 (Full Company) - "The poet tells us in springtime" 20. Curtain calls - "Even the best of good friends have at last to part" 21. Play-out DISCOGRAPHY: LILAC TIME is not available on record in a modern version although there is a Pearl CD of the 1922 London production available Pearl GEMM-CD9115 which also includes items from RIO RITA and A SOUTHERN MAID. There was a World Record Club recording from the '60s with highlights from the show but that has long since been deleted. A complete recording by Ohio Light Opera 2002 Festival, with a new translation by Richard Traubner, is on Albany Records No. TROY 585/586