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friend. Baritone. • BINDER - a young postman; personable, good-natured and respectable. Baritone. • ZELL - a middle-aged, "comfortable", pipe-smoking, simple soul, the typical Viennese family-man. Baritone • BRUN - a saddler; and, like his friend Binder, a pleasant and worthy young man. Bass-baritone. • SCHWIND - a talented young painter, inclined to be rather self-consciously "bohemian". Bass-baritone. • KUPPEL - very genial and likeable, but comparatively conventional in appearance and manner. Bassbaritone. THE ORCHESTRA In this new version of "Lilac Time", the orchestration has been carefully arranged to meet the requirements of modest or large orchestras. The minimum combination for an effective performance is: Flute; ist B flat Clarinet; 2nd B flat Clarinet; ist and 2nd Trumpets; ist Trombone; Percussion and Strings. Thereafter, instruments should be added in the following order: Oboe; ist Horn; Bassoon; 2nd Trombone; 2nd Horn and lastly, Harp. The work is liberally cued. In the absence of the Oboe, the ist Trumpet should play these cues MUTED. Oboe cues are doubled in Flute and Clarinet parts where practicable; Horn cues appear in Trumpet and Trombone parts; Bassoon cues are covered by 2nd Clarinet and Trombone. It is emphasized that a complete string section should be used, (ist and 2nd Violins, Viola, Cello and Bass), but Clarinet parts contain many essential cues to be played in absence of a Viola. The string parts are bowed where necessary, and the ist Violin has all important melody cues throughout. No special conductor's score is available, since this vocal score carries all instrumentation marks for the musical director's assistance. MUSICAL CONTENTS OVERTURE ACT 1 1. Opening Chorus : (Mrs. Weber, Mrs. Krauss, Binder, Brun and Chorus) - "Heiligen Strasse has charm as you see" 2. Trio : Litzi, Fritzi and Mitzi (Mitzi, Litzi and Fritzi) - "Litzi and Fritzi and Mitzi Zell, brought up well" 3. Quartet: Jolly Good Fellows (Schober, Vogl, Schwind, Kuppel and Chorus) - "How touching, how charming" 4. Quintet: Hark, Hark! the Lark (Schubert, Schober, Vogl, Schwind and Kuppel) - "Hark, hark the lark at Heaven's gate sings" 5. Quintet: Underneath a Lilac-Tree (Schubert, Schober, Vogl, Schwind and Kuppel) - "Underneath a lilac tree, fragrance in the air" 6. Duet: A Song to Remember (Mitzi and Schubert) - "It's so thrilling you are willing" 7. Finale Act 1 (Ensemble and Chorus) - "Prosit! Prosit! Prosit!" ACT 2 8. Opening Act 2 - Serenade (Mitzi, Schober and Chorus) "Love's serenade, so soft and so tender" 9. Song: Melody (Schubert and Chorus) - "Birds trilling when the morn is waking" 10. Sextet: The Right Thing to Do (Mitzi, Litzi, Fritzi, Schubert, Binder and Brun) "There's nothing sweeter so it's said" 11. Duet: Darling, You Know ME! (Taliani and Schober) - "When a promise I am given"