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LILAC TIME Music by Franz Schubert: Adapted by Heinrich Berté and C.H. Clutsam. Book and Lyrics by Adrian Ross, based on the operetta Das Dreimäderlhaus by A.M. Willner and Heinz Reichert, adapted from the novel Schwammerl by Dr. Raimer H. Bartsch. Raimundtheater, Vienna - 15 January, 1916 Lyric Theatre, London - 22 December, 1922 Ambassador's Theatre, Broadway - 29 September, 1921 (as Blossom Time: adapted by Dorothy Donnelly and music arranged by Signmund Romberg) For amateur performance there is a new adaptation by Phil Park and Ronald Hanmer SYNOPSIS Old Vienna - and the shy, young composer, Franz Schubert, writes a beautiful love song to his beloved Mitzi. But he gets his best friend Baron Schober to sing it to her, and she falls in love with him instead of poor Franz, who has to find consolation in their happiness - and in his music. Delightful sub-plots concern Mitzi's two attractive sisters and their boyfriends, a temperamental prima-donna and a jealous Count. Famed and loved all over the world for more than half a century, this is a charming show with excellent comedy - and immortal music. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Opening Number - Oh the Maytime is a Gaytime 2. Just a Little Ring - Lili, Tilli and Willi 3. Four Jolly Brothers - Schober, Vogl, Schwind and Kappel 4. Hark, Hark! The Lark! - Schubert, Schober, Vogl, Schwind and Kappel 5. Under the Lilac Bough - Schubert, Schober, Vogl, Schwind and Kappel 6. The Golden Song - Lili and Schubert 7. Serenade - Schober 8. Dance of Bridesmaids and Children 9. Dream Enthralling - Schubert 10. When Skies Are Blue - Lili, Tilli, Willi, Schober, Binder and Braun 11. The Flower - Lili and Schibert 12. Girls and Boys - Mrs Veit and Veit 13. I Want To Carve Your Name - Finale act II 14. Strolling Through the Morning Air - Promenade Septet 15. My Sweetest Song Of All - Schubert 16. Maiden Try To Smile - Lili and Schober 17. I Ask the Spring Blossom Laden - Finale Act III. CAST - Principals: 9 female (1 non-singing), 10 male (1 non-singing), 1 boy (non-singing) •Mrs Grimm - a caretaker •Mrs Weber - a lodger •Rosi - Marini's maid •Novotny - a detective •Ferdinand Binder - a postmaster •Andreas Braun - a saddler •Schani - a page •Tilli, Willi, Lili - Mr Veit's three daughters •Johann Michael Vogl - an opera singer •Moritz von Schwind - a painter •Kappel - a draughtsman •Baron Franz von Schober - a poet •Franz Schubert •Christian Veit - Court glass maker •Count Scharntorff - Danish Ambassador •Stingl - a confectioner •Mrs Veit •Sally - a servant tp Veit •Demoiselle Fiammetta Marini (La Marinella) - Prima Ballerina at the Opera Street Musicians, Servant, Children Guests, Vienna Police