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As the evening progresses, Drake becomes involved in a party game with a bunch of girls and the revels continue unabated. Georgine, Léonie and Madame Delcasse have appeared, with Georgine obviously much distressed, and Gaston and Paul arrive separately. Gaston is much taken by the sight of Madame Delcasse and, indeed, he is soon alone with her, flirting madly until Léonie catches them about to embrace. Léonie has won her million francs from Gaston, and, no longer in need of him for his money, she turns to Paul. Gaston is furious at this turn of events, but only for as long as it takes Madame Delcasse to offer a few words of comfort and affection. She also points out to Gaston how well it would sound to have the Duchess of Everset as a daughter and, by the time that the guests are enjoying supper, almost all the romantic pairings are resolved. Then Georgine comes to bid Jack a fond farewell and, before long, his little Lilac Domino has accepted his offer of marriage. The news that one of his estates has been sold for a large sum of money is merely the icing on their future wedding cake. Taken from Ganzl's Book of the Musical Theatre Characters - Revised • Gaston le Sage, a wealthy Lyon silk merchant • Paul Dorien, his nephew • Léonie Menonnier, a merry widow • Major Montague Drake, Bertie Raymond, Jack Allison expatriate remittance men • Krovani, leader of a gipsy orchestra • Georgine, Le Sage's daughter • Madame Delclasse, principal of a finishing school for young ladies • Marcel, Le Sage's Butler • Waiters, dominoes, maskers, dancers, guests CHARACTERS - Original • Cornelius Cleveden - An American multi-millionaire • Leoni Forde - Georgine's Friend • Elliston Deyn - Cleveden's Nephew • Prosper Woodhouse - An American friend of André • Norman J. Calmain - A Friend of everybody • Maxmilian - A Waiter • The Hon André d'Aubigny - A young Englishman "seeing U.S.A." • Carabana - Conductor of Spanish Gypsy Orchestra • Georgine - Col Cleveden's Daughter • The Baroness de Villiers - Social companion to Georgine • Parker - One of Cleveden's Butlers • Dominoes, Maskers, Dancers and Guests SETTING : Revised version: Nice and Monte Carlo Original version: • Act I - The lounge at the Pavilion de Danse in the Baccarat Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida during a Domino Party • Act II - The Roman pergola in the garden of Colonel Cleveden's villa. A Lawn party is in progress. • Act III - Court of the Palms during high Carnival