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lady of eighteen, the daughter of a Lyon silk merchant and fresh from finishing school. The only question is which of them should be forced into matrimony for the good of the others. The problem is resolved by a throw of the dice, which Jack wins. Meanwhile, the men come upon the figure of the Lilac Domino, who has passed out under the influence of too much unaccustomed champagne. Jack kisses her and wakes her up and, after a brief display of reluctance, the two of them waltz away together. ACT 2 In the garden of Le Sage's villa near Monte Carlo, a cocktail party and informal dance are being held to celebrate Georgine's coming out and her engagement to Paul. Léonie is still looking for some real sign of tender recognition from Gaston and, when he appears with a young lady on each arm, she challenges his devotion to her. She proposes that he should give her a million francs if he should be discovered flirting with a young lady within the next forty-eight hours, and Gaston agrees to write out the cheque there and then. Léonie can retain it as a hostage. When Gaston has gone, Léonie turns her attentions to Paul and tests him on the training that she has been giving him in readiness for wooing Georgine. However, Paul's parting shot is an admission that he is in love with Léonie. Major Drake and Bertie Raymond arrive, having followed up the details of Georgine issued by Krovani's matrimonial agency, and they press upon Gaston the claims of the Duke of Everset as a suitor for Georgine, undeterred by Gaston's insistence that she is already promised. The Major reckons that Jack will never be persuaded to come to the house to meet Georgine, but Bertie explains that he has sought to trick Jack there by claiming that he will find there the mysterious Lilac Domino over whom he has so completely lost his head. They both feel pretty pleased with themselves as they mature their little plot. The arrival of the Duke of Everset is duly announced, and Jack immediately greets Georgine as his Lilac Domino. Georgine naturally rejects the suggestion that she could have been at a masquerade, and Madame Delcasse adds forcefully that she would never have allowed Georgine to visit such an event. Jack's two friends try to persuade him to forget the Lilac Domino nonsense and concentrate on the heiress. They tell him that the invitation was just their trick to get him there, but Jack is not to be put off. He insists that the voice of the Lilac Domino remains in his mind as clear as a bell, and he knows that that voice was Georgine's. Drake and Raymond are delighted to see how well Jack and Georgine are getting on — so much so that they indulge in some impromptu dancing with Léonie, Gaston and Paul — while Paul has now quite definitely decided that he is in love with Léonie. Whenever he and Georgine get together they squabble like the children they were when they last met, and they are quite resolved not to marry each other. So, while Paul returns to Léonie, Georgine now welcomes Jack's expressions of love. The radiantly happy Georgine bumps into Krovani, who has arrived to provide the music for the occasion. He has been instructed to remove Georgine's name from his list of matrimonial prospects, as her engagement to her cousin is to be announced that evening. Seeing her looking so happy, he comments on the joy of true love. It is a far cry from the situation at the masquerade he recently attended where three gentlemen threw dice to decide which one should find a wife purely for her money. Somewhat the worse for wine, Krovani carelessly adds the name of the winner of the gamble — the Duke of Everset! Georgine is horrified. Now Jack is brought in blindfolded to test whether he really can recognise his Lilac Domino but Georgine bitterly renounces him and declares that her hand is Paul's. She will have nothing to do with Jack's assurance that, though he did indeed throw the dice, his love for Georgine is real. ACT 3 It is carnival night at the Café de Paris, Monte Carlo, and the guests are all in fancy dress. Jack has arranged a private supper, and Drake and Raymond are surprised and concerned to learn that he intends it as a farewell, even though he seems to have little idea of where he is going to go. They attempt to reassure him with the news that they have selected another likely candidate from the matrimonial list to restore their fortunes, and this time they will take on the challenge. Krovani provides more realistic reassurance with the news that he has told Georgine, Léonie and Madame Delcasse the full story of what had happened and they are on their way to the Café de Paris.