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Queen tells Sonja that she must find Fleetwood and warn him about Memphis's threat. She asks Jojo to tell Fleetwood to meet her the next morning at Lacy's. Meanwhile Mary, with Lou, toasts her acceptance of his offer of a movie career. The next morning Jojo doublecrosses Queen and comes to Lacy's With Memphis, who brutally flogs the terrified woman. When Fleetwood arrives, Queen reminds him of what they once had together. When Fleetwood returns to his hotel, he finds Mary leaving for Los Angeles. Near the Lincoln Tunnel, Memphis's henchman, Snickers, pushes Queen to get "plenty of action tonight. Memphis is depending on it." She, Sonja and other girls share their hopes for the future. Later, near the Hudson River in a spot once special to Queen and Fleetwood, Sonja hands Queen a bus ticket and a suitcase in a desperate attempt to get her away from Memphis. Fleetwood unexpectedly appears and tries to talk Queen into making a new start, but Queen bitterly rejects him. Jojo guides Memphis onto the scene. Fleetwood pulls a gun on Memphis, but Jojo knocks the gun loose as Memphis mortally stabs Fleetwood; Queen seizes the fallen gun and shoots Memphis. Sonja decides to take the rap for killing Memphis, claiming self defense; she and Queen say good-bye, then Queen departs for the bus, which will carry her to freedom, as Sonja surrenders to the police. - A.E. Hotchner MUSICAL NUMBERS Act One 1. Check It Out! - The Company 2. Use What You Got - Jojo and The Company 3. A Lovely Day to Be out of Jail Queen, Sonja 4. Oh Daddy Queen, - Fleetwood 5. A Piece of the Action - Fleetwood 6. The Oldest Profession - Sonja 7. Don't Take Much - Memphis 8. Hey, Daddy - Go Home - Fleetwood, Queen, Mary 9. You Can't Get to Heaven Queen, Sonja, Street Evangelists 10. My Body - Frenchie, Chichi, Tracey, Carmen, Sonja, Queen, April 11. Why Don't They Leave Us Alone - Oddjob, Bobby, Silky, Slick, Snickers, Jojo, April, Carmen,Chichi, Frenchie, Queen, Sonja, Tracy 12. Easy Money - Mary, Jojo, Fleetwood 13. He's No Good - Queen 14. I'm Leaving You - Queen 15. The Hookers' Ball - Lacy and The Company Act Two 16. Step Right Up - Silky,Slick, Oddjob, Bobby 17. Mr. Greed - Jojo, Bobby, Enrique, Oddjob, Slick 18. My Way or the Highway Memphis, Queen 19. People Magazine - Lou, Mary 20. We Had a Dream - Queen 21. "Someday" is for Suckers - Sonja, Frenchie, April, Shatellia, Carmen, Tracy, Chichi 22. My Friend - Queen, Sonja 23. We Gotta Go Fleetwood, Queen SCENES AND SETTINGS Place: 42nd Street • Time: Then