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Later, Lestat is on a ship. He is wounded and thinks of what his life has become. Once in Europe, Lestat goes to the Theatre of the Vampires. He asks Armand for some of his blood to help him heal. Armand agrees but insists that first they watch the final scene of the play that the theatre vampires are doing. Lestat is shocked to see Louis and Claudia on the stage. Armand says they had been there for over a year and refused to talk of their maker. After the play, Armand grabs Claudia and asks Lestat if that was the one who tried to kill him. Lestat tries to justify her act, but Armand and the others kill her. When night falls, Louis mourns Claudia and leaves Lestat. Lestat asks Armand why he had killed Claudia. Armand gives him an ironic smile, talks of the sweetness of vengeance, and mockingly kisses him. Armand turns to leave, but Lestat confesses that he had found Marius, and repeats all the that the vampire had said about Armand. Furious, Armand accuses Lestat of being a liar, says Marius loved him and throws Lestat from the roof. Lestat's legs are broken. The dawn approaches, and he can't stand. Once again, he talks to God, asking what He wants from him. To say that he accepts what he is? Yes, he accepts. He is evil... and he is sorry. Lestat prepares himself to be burned by the sun, but Marius arrives with Gabrielle, and they insist that he can stand. With a lot of effort and pain, he does. Marius then allows Lestat to drink the blood from his wrist. The light goes off. Lestat appears, dressed in modern clothes, and says "I am the Vampire Lestat, and I will live forever." MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. From the Dead – Lestat 2. Beautiful Boy – Gabrielle 3. In Paris – Nicolas, Lestat 4. Nicolas’ Song – Nicolas 5. The Thirst – Lestat 6. Right Before My Eyes – Lestat 7. Make Me As You Are – Gabrielle, Lestat 8. To Live Like This – Armand, Lestat, Ensemble (vampires) 9. Morality Play – Laurent, Armand, Ensemble (vampires) 10. The Crimson Kiss – Gabrielle 11. Right Before My Eyes (Reprise) – Lestat Act II 12. Welcome to the New World – Ensemble (New Orleans residents) 13. Embrace It – Louis, Lestat 14. I Want More – Claudia 15. I’ll Never Have That Chance – Claudia 16. Sail Me Away – Lestat 17. To Kill Your Kind – Armand, Ensemble (vampires) 18. Embrace It (Reprise) – Louis 19. After All This Time – Armand 20. Sail Me Away (Reprise) – Lestat CAST • Lestat • Gabrielle • Armand • Louis • Nicolas • Marius • Claudia • Magnus • Marquis • Laurent • Ensemble INSTRUMENTATION Keyboard I, II,III violin viola 'cello I,II flute clarinet oboe cor anglais, I,II French horn trombone bass percussion drums No commercial cast recording avavailable