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11. Juanita - Susie Trevor, Boys 12. Leave It to Love - Susie Trevor, Jack Robinson, Shirley Vernon, Dick Trevor 13. Little Jazz Bird - Jeff † 14. Insufficient Sweetie (Music and Lyrics by Cliff Edwards and Gil Wells) - Jeff 15. Who Takes Care of the Caretaker's Daughter (While the Caretaker's Taking Care)? - (Music and Lyrics by Chick Endor) - Jeff 16. It's All the Same to Me - (Music and Lyrics by Chick Endor) - Jeff 17. Carnival Time - Ensemble 18. Swiss Miss - (Lyrics by Arthur Jackson and Ira Gershwin) - Susie Trevor, Dick Trevor 19. Finale - Entire Company * Replaced by "Linger in the Lobby" - Ensemble † Replaced by a Speciality act during the original run. CAST • Dick Trevor: In Love with Shirley • Susie Trevor: Dick’s sister • Shirley Vernon: Loves Dick • Josephine Vanderwater: Also loves Dick • Jack Robinson: Disguised as a Hobo, in love with Susie • Buck Benson: A go getter for Life Magazine • Sammy Cooper: Photographer • J. Watterson “Watty” Watkins: A Slick Lawyer • Manuel Estrada • Rufus Parke: Trustee • Daisy Parke • Jeff: The Butler – Cliff Edwards • Bertie Bassett: Assistant to the Sheriff • Flunkey (Jenkins) • Victor Arden • Phil Ohman SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1 Scene 1: Sidewalk in front of the old Trevor Homestead, Beacon Hill, Rhode Island. Scene 2: Entrance of the Vanderwater Estate. Scene 3: The Vanderwater Garden Party. Act 2 Scene I: The Anchorage Hotel, Eastern Harbor, Connecticut. Three days later. Scene 2: Garden of the Hotel. Scene 3: The Eastern Harbor Yacht Club. DISCOGRAPHY Lady Be Good - Studio Cast Recording