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LESTAT A musical in 2 acts: Music by Elton John, Lyrics by Bernie Taupin, Book by Linda Woolverton based upon the novel The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice Palace Theatre, Broadway. Opened 25th April, 2006; closed 28th May, 2006 (33 previews, 39 perfs) Productions 2005 San Francisco 2006 Broadway Synopsis The romantic and heartbreaking story of the extraordinary journey pf one man who escapes the tyranny of his oppressive family only to have his life taken from him. Thrust into the seductive and sensual world of the vampire, Lestat sets out on a road of adventures in a quest for everlasting love and companionship but is forced to reconcile his innate sense of good with the primal need to exist. STORY - (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Act I Lestat kills a pack of wolves although his father had forbidden him to. Lestat's parents argue and, to defend her, he strikes his father. Gabrielle (Lestat's mother) convinces Lestat to leave and go to Paris to live with his friend Nicolas. Lestat resists; he doesn't want to abandon her, but he ends up going. She then thinks of how lonely her life will be without him, although she is happy he is finally free. Lestat finds Nicolas working as an actor in a small theatre, very happy with his life. Nicolas is also a good violinist and tells Lestat he has been disowned by his father after leaving school to study music. The two go to Nicolas' tiny flat and as they talk it becomes clear they're in love with each other. An offstage voice keeps calling "wolf killer". Intrigued because Nicolas can't hear it, Lestat follows the voice for a while. Suddenly he is attacked by a vampire named Magnus. Magnus makes Lestat a vampire and informs Lestat that nothing can end his life except fire or the sun. He then lights a fire and makes Lestat promise to scatter his ashes when he's dead. Magnus dies, leaving Lestat very confused about his new nature. Unable to control himself, Lestat takes his first victim and yells at God for not stopping him. In Nicolas's room, Gabrielle tell Nicolas that he should not worry about Lestat, for she is certain he will soon come back. She is obviously sick. After giving Nicolas the name of her hotel and asking him to take care of her son, she leaves. On the street she passes by Lestat, who hides from her. Lestat then looks through Nicolas's window, struggling against his desire to make him a vampire. Lestat goes to visit his mother and confesses that he is now a vampire. He makes his mother a vampire to save her life. The Dark Gift allows Gabrielle to get free from the customs and morals of her time and finally be herself. Gabrielle and Lestat eventually go inside a church. A man dressed as a monk, with his face hidden by a cloak, follows them. They notice something unusual about him. The man introduces himself as the vampire Armand. He insists that Lestat and Gabrielle are in danger and must come with him. They follow him to a filthy graveyard, home to a group of Satanist vampires, of which Armand is the leader. Armand announces that Lestat and Gabrielle are blasphemous and should be destroyed. Lestat reveals that Armand has been deceiving his followers and that they don't really serve the Devil at all. Lestat and Gabrielle encourage the coven to live among mortals, and everybody is happy with the idea of creating a troupe of actors that only performs vampire plays. As Lestat and Gabrielle watch the former Satanists go, they hear Armand's voice behind them, saying "I like