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thereby ridding herself of the two men who threaten her security. She sets the fire and leaves. Luke awakes, staggers and falls in the smoke. On the road to Audley court, Phoebe is making her way to the hall as Alicia comes along. Alicia brings word that Sir Michael is failing and that she must find Lady Audley. She implores Phoebe to return to her house and retrieve Robert. Lady Audley appears and Phoebe gives her the bad news about Sir Michael. They see the fire rising in the distance but Lady Audley holds Phoebe’s arm and demands that she come with her to the Castle. Phoebe sees that Lady Audley must be part of some foul scheme cries for help. Lady Audley drags her off by the hair. On the Lime Tree Walk, moonlight falls on the old well. Lady Audley enters, dragging Phoebe. Robert arrives and sends Phoebe to try to help her husband. Lady Audley is shaken to find Robert alive. They exchange threats and struggle. Phoebe re-enters, leading Luke, who is near death; indeed, he collapses before he can accuse Lady Audley. Alicia arrives with Sir Michael, who promptly dies. Robert accuses Lady Audley of killing his friend George. At that very moment, George appears and Luke dies! Luke saved him! Just as they accuse Lady Audley, Phoebe reveals that, in truth, Lady Audley is mad! She describes her screaming in her sleep, begging that her mother not be taken away. (Her mother had been taken off to the insane asylum, and this is the madness that also courses through Lady Audley’s veins.) Overwhelmed, Lady Audley dies. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. The English Country Life - Ensemble 2. A Mother's Wish Is A Daughter's Duty - Phoebe 3. The Winter Rose - Lady Audley, Sir Michael 4. That Lady In Eng-a-Land - George, Robert 5. Civilised - Lady Audley, Robert, Alicia 6. Dead Men Tell No Tales - Lady Audley 7. An Old Maid - Alicia 8. Repose - Lady Audley 9. The Audley Family Honour - Lady Audley, Robert 10. La De Da Da - Lady Audley, Sir Michael, Alicia 11. I Know What I Knows - Luke, Ensemble 12. How? What? Why? - Robert, Lady Audley, Phoebe 13. Forgive Her, Forgive Her - George, Robert, Alicia, Lady Audley, Ensemble CAST: - 4 men, 3 women, small chorus • PHOEBE - The Lady's maid, Luke's love, simple • LUKE MARKS - A dissolute ruffian, brusque, stubborn • LADY AUDLEY - A pretty lady with a secret. Lovely, mannered and, alas, quite mad • SIR MICHAEL AUDLEY - elderly but kind, too trusting • ALICIA - Sir Michael's handsome daughter. Robert's youthful love (and cousin), fiery • CAPT. ROBERT AUDLEY - Sir Michael's handsome nephew. Young, handsome, upstanding, valiant • MR. GEORGE TALBOYS - Robert's grieving friend has a hot side • ENSEMBLE - A dancing maid and butler; A small chorus of villagers, drinkers, and four-man fire ensemble INSTRUMENTATION: Piano