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LEAGUE OF NOTIONS Revue. Music: Milton Ager, Augustus Barratt, Helen Trix, et al. Book and Lyrics: John Murray Anderson, Augustus Barratt, et al. Oxford Theatre, London - 17 January, 1921 (360 perfs) The Cast included A.W. Baskcomb, Bert Coote, The Dolly Sisters, Helen and Josephine Trix The PROGRAMME included: 1. I Never Worry About the Morning 2. I Just Want to Give Myself Away 3. That's How I Knew (You Were the One For Me) 4. Back to London Town 5. There'll Come a Time 6. Beautiful English Rose 7. Dreamy Eyes 8. Dollies and Their Collies 9. That Reminiscent Melody 10. My Bridal Veil 11. Love Will Never Die 12. I Love, Thou Lovest 13. The Garden of Dreams 14. Rat-a-tat-tat