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GABRIELLE (reprise)—Gabby returns unsuccessully from L.A. and asks David if she can come home. They try again. DANCE —Although things are fine, David wants to add that additional spark so he hires the Met for 15 minutes to let Gabby finally realise her dream of dancing there. LATE NITE COMIC (reprise)—Gabby stayed only a short time longer even after David's gift of the Met. David goes to the club but breaks down and sings about his lost love. IT'S SUCH A DIFFERENT WORLD—David is finally doing better in the comedy world, IT HAD TO HAPPEN SOMETIME (reprise)— Gabby dropps in on David in Vegas; she is dancing in yet another small company nearby. They decide to try once more. Oh yes, she's changed her name again. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Gabrielle - David 2. The Best in the Business - David, Club Owners 3. Clara's Dancing School - Gabrielle, Female Solo 4. This Lady Isn't Right for Me - David, Tanya, Jenny, Susan, Gabrielle 5. Having Someone - David, Club Owners 6. Stand-Up - David 7. The Best in the Business (reprise) - David 8. Late Nite Comic - David 9. Stand-Up (reprise) - David 10. It Had to Happen Sometime - David, Gabrielle 11. When I Am Movin' - Gabrielle 12. Think Big - David, Male Dancer 13. Relax With Me, Baby - David, David's Alter Ego, Hookers 14. Dance - David, Gabrielle, Ensemble 15. Late Nite Comic (reprise) - David 16. It's Such a Different World - David, Vegas Girls, Vegas Guys 17. It Had to Happen Sometime (reprise) - David, Gabrielle 18. Gabrielle/Yvonne - David Original CAST - - in order of appearance • David Ackerman: ROBERT LuPONE. • Gabrielle: TERESA TRACY. • Susan, Hooker: Pamela Blasetti. • Club Owner, Hooker: Kim Freshwater. • Jenny, Hooker: Lauren Goler. • Cecil, Club Owner, Voice of God, Krazy Korn Emcee: Patrick Hamilton. • Hooker: Judine Hawkins. • Tanya, Delilah: Aja Major. • Club Owner, Mike, Las Vegas Emcee: Michael McAssey. • Hooker, Metropolitan Ballerina: Sharon Moore. • Nat, Bartender, David's Alter Ego, Metropolitan Male Dancer: Mason Roberts. • Clara, Hooker: Susan Santoro. Club Owner, Bartender, Busboy: Don Stitt. Ensemble: Pamela Blasetti, Kim Freshwater, Lauren Goler, Judine Hawkins, Aja Major, Sharon Moore, Susan Santoro, Don Stitt. Swings: Danielle P. Connell, Barry Finkel.