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LATE NITE COMIC A Musical in 2 Acts, 21 Scenes. Book by Allan Knee. Music and lyrics by Brian Gari. Directed by Philip Rose. Choreographed by Dennis Dennehy. Scenery designed by Clarke Dunham. Costumes designed by Gail Cooper-Hecht. Lighting designed by Ken Billington. Musical direction by Gregory J. Dlugos. Orchestrations by Larry Hochman. Vocal and dance arrangements by James Raitt. Sound designed by Abe Jacob. Produced by Rory Rosegarten. Ritz Theatre, New York - Opened 15 October, 1987; closed 17 October, 1987 (4 perfs) SYNOPSIS STAND UP —Originally the opening number, this song describes piano bar player David Ackerman's true ambition and passion. The song was moved to later on in the first act. GABRIELLE—David meets an off-the-wall ballet dancer at the piano bar and makes this song up on the spot; the name Janet refers to Gabby's real name and constant search for a more suitable one. THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS—David tries out his act before four very obnoxious club owners. THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS (reprise)—David won't let rejection get him down. CLARA'S DANCING SCHOOL—Gabrielle reminisces about her first dance teacher when she arrives, unannounced, at David's apartment. THIS LADY ISN'T RIGHT FOR ME—David allows Gabby to move in, but is extremely nervous; his success in the past was not exactly-the greatest. NOTHING'S CHANGING THIS LOVE—In love, David can't dislike anything in the city, no matter how bad! This song was deleted and replaced by "HAVING SOMEONE. HAVING SOMEONE—David is elated but his buddies at the piano bar are sceptical. LATE NITE COMIC—David fails in his first late-nite spot. IT HAD TO HAPPEN SOMETIME—After David calls a few clubs, he gets a spot at Mr. Ribs, He goes home to tell Gabby, but she's trying to tell him she must move on. WHEN I AM MOVIN' —After Gabby explains her need to be constantly on the move, she exits. THINK BIG—David won't let Gabby's departure affect him. OBSESSED—David expresses his obsession for being in love during his act at Mr. Ribs. RELAX WITH ME BABY—David ends up in a hooker's bar while trying to drown his sorrow and find a new girl.