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begins to soar and Jamie decides he wants to move in with Cathy. His life is moving at top speed, but no matter. He’s living the way he wants to. Catherine’s career is struggling. She’s been turned down by a theatrical agent. As she waits patiently during a book signing of Jamie’s someone asks her what it’s like to be married to a famous author. She expresses how she rides out his manic writing spells where he completely shuts her out emotionally then suddenly lets her back in. It’s their second Christmas together and Jamie reads a story he wrote for her. It is intended to inspire her to go out and pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. He tells her to quit her day job and go and be happy. He also tells her how lucky he is to be in love with her. Cathy has obtained a summer stock job in Ohio. The situation is less than desirable, but she’s trying to make the most of it. Meanwhile, Jamie is back in New York, his latest book a bestseller. Cathy writes a letter to Jamie as she anxiously awaits his visit. Jamie is alone preparing himself to propose to Cathy. She appears in her wedding dress and meets him at the altar. Physically together for the first time during this show, they exchange vows and promises of an undying love. Jamie, now married, begins to feel the temptation and attraction of other women he meets at parties. His success has made him the centre of attention, and though he feels the pull, he loves Cathy and believes his marriage will remain strong. He calls Cathy who is out of town working, and promises to meet her as soon as he can escape his publisher. Cathy has just auditioned for and been given another job. Cathy shares with her father the stress and difficulty of daily auditioning and daily rejection. At another audition, she flounders as a million different things about her life with Jamie race through her head. She is determined, however, to have her own career and not live in the shadow of her now-famous husband. Jamie is doing a reading at a bookstore. The passage he reads is a metaphor for Cathy’s drive and the feeling of his isolation from her. Jamie is in the middle of a fight with Cathy. He has just had a book published and wants her to go to the party the publisher is throwing for him. She refuses. He doesn’t feel supported by her and does not understand why she is angry. Cathy is driving Jamie to meet her parents. She is happy and excited and talks about her disappointments of the past in contrast to her bright future with him. Jamie wakes up beside another woman. He knows he must go see Cathy in Ohio. Fighting panic and a feeling of inevitability, he admits to the other woman that he has fallen in love with her. Cathy floats on air at the end of her first date with Jamie. They have shared their first kiss and she wants the magical moment to last forever. She bids him goodbye until tomorrow. At the same time, Jamie ends their relationship. He simply bids her goodbye. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Still Hurting - Catherine 2. Shiksa Goddess - Jamie 3. See I'm Smiling - Catherine 4. Moving Too Fast - Jamie 5. A Part of That - Catherine 6. The Schmuel Song - Jamie 7. A Summer in Ohio - Catherine 8. The Next Ten Minutes - Jamie, Catherine 9. A Miracle Would Happen/When You Come Home to Me - Jamie, Catherine 10. Climbing Uphill - Catherine 11. If I Didn't Believe in You - Jamie 12. I Can Do Better Than That - Catherine 13. Nobody Needs to Know - Jamie 14. Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You - Catherine, Jamie CAST: CATHERINE HIATT - Excellent actress and singer - Late 20s - Early 30's JAMIE WELLERSTEIN - Excellent actor and singer - Late 20's - Early 30's Discography The Last 5 Years (2002 Off-Broadway Cast)