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LARGE AS LIFE A Revue London Palladium - 23 May 1958. Harry Secombe, Terry Thomas, Eric Sykes, Adele Leigh, Hattie Jacques, Johnny Pueleo, Harry Worth, Hetty King, Dick Henderson; G.H. Elliot & Max Russell Devised and produced by Robert Nesbitt; Décor by Edward Delany & Tod Kingman; Costumes by R. St. John Roper; Choreography by George Carden PROGRAMME 1. The World of the Theatre 2. Concerto for Three Buffoons - Harry Secombe, Eric Sykes, Hattie Jacques 3. The World of Opera - Adele Leigh 4. The World of Vaudeville - Latona, Graham and Chade 5. Enter a Man with a Chair - Harry Worth 6. The Modern Trend (The Top Graders) Harry Secombe, Eric Sykes, Max Russell 7. The Good Old Days Daly’s Operette - Adele Leigh & Ensemble Nights of Gladness Stage Door Johnnies - Harry Secombe & Harry Worth The Gaiety Girl - Lynnette Rae Another Lady - Hattie Jacques Stage Door Keeper - Max Russell Come on and Join Us at the Music Hall Lynnette Rae and Chorus featuring C.H. Elliott, Hetty King & Dick Henderson The Dear Old Strand -= Harry Secombe 8. Let’s All Go Down The Strand - The Company 9. The Big Top 10. Filling the Gap - Terry-Thomas 11. The World of Revue - Lynnette Rae & Girls introducing the Dior Dancers 12. Direct frfom the Military Tournament - Harry Secombe, Eric Sykes, Max Russell 13. Costume Drama (History in the Theatre) The Queen - Adele Leigh Marquis de Treville - Osborne Whittaker The Three Musketeers - Harry Secombe, Terry-Thomas, Eric Sykes 14. Playboys of the Western World - Johnny Pulio and the Harmonica Rascals 15. Con Voce - Harry Secombe 16. Everybody on Stage - The Company