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THE LYRIC REVUE A musical revue. A Company of Four Production. Directed by William Chappell, décor by Loudon Sainthill. Contributers: Arthur Macrae, Charles Zwar, Graham Payn, Richard Addinsell, Donald Swann, Noël Coward, et al Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith - 24 May, 1951. Transferred to Globe Theatre, London - 26 September, 1951 Cast: Roberta Huby, Ian Carmichael, Joan Heal, Jeremy Hawk, Irlin Hall, Myles Eason, Dora Bryan, Graham Payn, Hillary Allen, George Benson, Pam Marmont and Tommy Linden PROGRAMME 1. Overture 2. Let’s Ignore It - Lyrics by Gerard Bryant, music by Charles Zwar- Full Company 3. Calypso - Roberta Huby, Hilary Allen, Joan Heal, Graham Payn, Jeremy Hawk, Ian Carmichael 4. Information Desk Dawn Crystal - Dora Brian Mavis - Pam Marmont 5. This Seems to Be the Moment - music by Graham Payn. Choreographed by Cole Lesley The Young Man - Graham Payn The Barmaid - Roberta Huby 6. Ignorance is Bliss Compère - Jeremy Hawk The Schoolmaster - Geroge Benson Schoolboys - Myles Eason, Tommy Linden 7. Complaints Corner First complaint: Debutantes – Roberta Huby, Hilary Allen, Pam Marmont Second Complaint: The Lady – Irlin Hall Third Complaint: The Portrait – Joan Heal 8. Darling Boy The Boy – Ian Carmichael 9. The Lordly Ones The Duchess of Brandon – Hilary Allen Burglars – Myles Easton, Irlin Hall, Jeremy Hawk 10. Distinguished Visitor A Film Star – Roberta Huby 11. Ornamental Orientals - - Lyrics by Arthur Macrae, music by Richard Addinsell Oriental Girl – Joan Heal Oriental Boy – Graham Payn 12. Scoop – George Benson 13. Heartbeat – Tommy Lyndon 14. Don’t Make Fun of the Fair - by Noël Coward Merrymakers – Graham Payn, Dora Bryan, Joan Heal, Ian Carmichael 15. Modern Trends - - Lyrics by Arthur Macrae, music by Donald Swann Compère – Jeremy Hawk a) Georgette – Joan Heal Pierre – Ian Carmichael