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LURKING ON THE RAILROAD - or - Will She Give Him a Wide Berth? Melodrama. Book by Dutton Foster. Music by Ray Hannisian and Lee Stametz. SYNOPSIS Here's a musical melodrama which soars and sparkles with fun and excitement. The days of the Treasure Mountain and Pacific are numbered unless Iron Annie Archbar and the boys can curb the disasters which plague their be loved railroad. Into town aboard his private Pullman car rides Sir Nigel Nash-Narkington, ready to acquire the TM & P by fair means or foul, along with any available mountain maiden he can lay hands on. Soon he and his sidekick Sleaze are ready to sabotage the railroad, throw his ex-girlfriend, the Countess Von Tostic, into Bottomless Gorge, and ruin the gullible young Euphemia who has fallen for his British veneer. Only Euphemia's little, unappreciated sister Billy sees the truth, but no one ever listens to Billy. With the help of Tommy Tao, the resident Oriental philosopher and track maintainer, and Willard Winwright, a dashing young engineer who captures Billy's girlish heart, the unlikely forces of good prevail. As village "girl-whocan't-say-no" Carrie On finds her destiny and Scruples, Sir Nigel's butler, makes a choice for the Right, the action builds up to a hair-raising finale. Easy to stage, with an exciting score that includes a great variety of musical numbers. Cast: 5m., 5w. One interior, one ext. set.